Achanak Bhayanak to Join Bigg Boss 17

Achanak Bhayanak, Bigg Boss 17

Achanak Bhayanak, a popular YouTuber and gamer, is all set to join the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 17, one of India’s most popular reality TV shows. The news was confirmed by the show’s host, Salman Khan, in a recent promo.

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Achanak Bhayanak, whose real name is Arun Srikanth Mashetty, is known for his funny and entertaining gaming videos on YouTube. He has a large following of over 294,000 subscribers on the platform.

Achanak Bhayanak’s entry into Bigg Boss 17 is sure to generate a lot of excitement among fans of the show. He is known for his outspoken personality and sense of humour, which is sure to add to the drama and entertainment of the show.

It will be interesting to see how Achanak Bhayanak performs in the Bigg Boss house. He will be competing against other celebrities from different fields, such as TV actors, singers, and models. It will be a test of his social skills, strategic thinking, and ability to handle pressure.

Bigg Boss 17 is scheduled to premiere on October 24, 2023. It will air on Colors TV and JioCinema.

What to expect from Achanak Bhayanak in Bigg Boss 17

Achanak Bhayanak is a popular YouTuber and gamer known for his funny and entertaining videos. He is also known for his outspoken personality and sense of humor.

Given his personality, it is likely that Achanak Bhayanak will be one of the most entertaining contestants on Bigg Boss. He is not afraid to speak his mind and is sure to stir up some drama in the house.

Achanak Bhayanak is also a very intelligent and strategic person. He is well-known for his rapid thinking and ability to devise novel solutions. This will be a valuable asset to him in the Bigg Boss house, where contestants are constantly scheming and plotting against each other.

Achanak Bhayanak’s fans can support him in Bigg Boss 17 by:

  • Voting for him: Fans can vote for Achanak Bhayanak on the Bigg Boss app and website. The contestant with the most votes is saved from elimination each week.
  • Watching the show: Fans can watch Bigg Boss 17 on Colors TV and JioCinema. This will help to increase Achanak Bhayanak’s popularity and visibility.
  • Promoting him on social media: Fans can promote Achanak Bhayanak by sharing his videos and talking about him in their posts. They can also use the hashtag #AchanakBhayanak to support him.

By following these tips, Achanak Bhayanak’s fans can help him to win Bigg Boss.

Overall, Achanak Bhayanak is a great addition to the Bigg Boss 17 cast. He will surely bring a lot of entertainment and excitement to the show.