Riot Games to Steal Hearts with Upcoming League of Legends Boy Band, HEARTSTEEL

League of Legends

Riot Games Music has introduced a new virtual band called HEARTSTEEL, connected to the League of Legends universe. This band’s first song, “PARANOIA,” will be released on October 23 at 10 am CT, along with a music video on YouTube.

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HEARTSTEEL is a unique group made up of various artists who take on the personas of League of Legends champions. The band’s members are BAEKHYUN as Ezreal, ØZI as Sett, Tobi Lou as K’Sante, Cal Scruby as Kayn, and they have Aphelios as their songwriter and Yone as their producer. HEARTSTEEL’s music draws inspiration from a wide range of music styles and aims to excite fans with their debut single, “PARANOIA,” featuring BAEKHYUN’s singing, Cal Scruby’s clever lyrics, ØZI’s versatile skills, and Tobi Lou’s captivating melodies.

This group is joining the league of Riot’s successful virtual artists, who create music in various genres, from K-pop to heavy metal. Expectations are high for HEARTSTEEL, and they hope to achieve record-breaking success across different platforms with their debut song.

Riot Games has been releasing popular music, such as the 2023 World Championship anthem “GODS” featuring NewJeans, which has gained global recognition. Releasing “PARANOIA” so soon after “GODS” may pose a challenge for HEARTSTEEL.

This new virtual band from Riot Games promises to make a big impact on the music scene with their debut, offering an electrifying experience by collaborating with talented artists from different musical backgrounds.

In conclusion, HEARTSTEEL’s emergence as Riot Games’ latest virtual band is set to captivate audiences worldwide with their genre-blending music and unique personas inspired by League of Legends champions. With a talented ensemble of artists, they bring a fresh and exciting twist to the music industry. The timing of their debut, closely following the success of “GODS,” adds to the anticipation and challenge they face in a highly competitive music landscape.

Nevertheless, the creative synergy and diverse backgrounds of the band members promise a heart-pounding experience for fans and a thrilling addition to Riot Games’ ever-expanding musical universe. As HEARTSTEEL takes the global stage, music enthusiasts are poised for an exhilarating journey with this extraordinary virtual band.