The role of coaches in the Ashes


The Ashes Series is all set to start on the 16th of June and conclude on July 31 of July 2023. It is anticipated that both teams Australia and England will give a tough fight to each other. In this article, we find the role of coaches in the Ashes series, which is crucial for any team to win the series.

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Australian Cricket Coach

Australians are typically highly competitive individuals at the highest level of cricket. They strive for success and have a strong desire to win. As the Australian coach, Andrew McDonald is likely to have a competitive mindset, aiming to develop strategies and preparations that give the team the best chance of winning the series.

The Australian coach believes in failures so that also gives victory. He set the team’s culture, values, and work ethic and creates a positive and cohesive environment. McDonald’s will likely emphasize the importance of teamwork, discipline, and professionalism.

He works closely with players to enhance their skills, address weaknesses, and maximise their potential. McDonald’s will likely have a mindset that prioritises player development and focuses on long-term success rather than immediate results.

England’s Cricket Coach

An attacking and aggressive style of play characterised McCullum’s mindset. He was known for taking the initiative and putting pressure on the opposition with his aggressive shot-making and quick scoring. He believes in ‘Bazzball’ style of playing, which emphasizes power-hitting and aggressive batting, McCullum’s mindset could align with the aggressive approach that the England test team may adopt in this format.

Bazzball Cricket approach

McCullum is renowned for his fearless approach to the game. He is willing to take on challenges and play freely, even in high-pressure situations. This fearlessness can be valuable in the Ashes, where players must be bold and take calculated risks to score quickly. As a result, when McCullum and Ben Stokes took Charge of England Test Cricket, they played the fearless and aggressive brand of cricket.

While the characteristics of McCullum’s mindset discussed here provide a general understanding of his approach to the game. Still, it’s essential to consider the unique context and dynamics of the England test team when assessing their mindset about cricket.