TNPL Fan Base: The Passionate Cricket Supporters


The Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) has gained a passionate and dedicated fan base since its inception. TNPL fans exhibit unwavering loyalty to their favourite teams. They passionately support their chosen franchises and create unique fan chants. Regardless of the team’s performance, these fans stand by their side, forming a strong emotional connection with the players and the franchise.

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TNPL matches are known for their lively and electric atmosphere. Fans flock to the stadiums, donning their team’s colours, waving flags, and chanting slogans to cheer on their favourite players. The passionate support from the stands creates an incredible ambience, making the matches even more exciting for players and spectators.

Fan Base of Three TNPL Team

Siechem Madurai Panthers: The franchise provides free tickets and tickets with a discount for their members and fans. During TNPL matches held in Madurai, the Panthers receive significant support from the local crowd. The stadium atmosphere is usually lively and energetic, with fans cheering, waving team flags, and chanting slogans supporting their favourite players. The enthusiastic response from the fans creates an exciting and vibrant environment for the team and the spectators.

Salem Spartans: Like any other team in the TNPL, the Salem Spartans would have garnered a fan base in Salem and its surrounding regions. Local cricket enthusiasts and supporters of the Spartans have cheered for the team during their matches and contributed to the growth of their fan base.

The size and reach of the Salem Spartans’ fan base may vary. Still, it is not uncommon for TNPL teams to develop passionate supporters who actively engage with them through social media, attend matches, and support their favourite players.

The team’s performance and success in the tournament, along with their interactions with the local community, would play a role in nurturing and expanding their fan base.  Their Instagram number is 16.7K Followers.

I Dream Tiruppur Tamizhans: The iDream Tiruppur Tamizhans have engaged with fans through social media platforms, stadium interactions, community events, and various promotional activities. By actively involving themselves in the local cricketing ecosystem, interacting with fans, and showcasing their skills on the field, the team would have aimed to attract and grow their fan base.

It is important to note that the dynamics of the fan base can change with time, depending on the team’s performance and ability to connect with the local community.