Teams and Their Owner in TNPL 2023


The Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) is a popular Twenty20 cricket tournament held annually in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The TNPL 2023 edition features eight teams, each with its unique owner and identity. Let’s take a closer look at the teams and their owners participating in TNPL 2023:

1. Salem Spartans (SS):
The Salem Spartans, represented by the abbreviation SS, are owned by Vivo Chennai South Distributor Selvakumar M. Vivo is a well-known brand in the smartphone industry, and their association with the team brings both financial stability and recognition to the franchise.

2. Chepauk Super Gillies (CSG):
The Chepauk Super Gillies, denoted by the abbreviation CSG, are owned by Metronation Chennai Television Private Limited. Metronation Chennai Television is a prominent media company that operates TV channels and has a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

3. Lyca Kovai Kings (LKK):
Lyca Kovai Kings, abbreviated as LKK, are owned by Lyca Productions. Lyca Productions is a prominent film production company that has produced several successful Tamil movies. Their involvement in the TNPL adds glamour and a touch of showbiz to the team.

4. Dindigul Dragons (DD):
The Dindigul Dragons, represented by the abbreviation DD, are owned by Take Solutions Ltd. Take Solutions is a technology and services company that specializes in supply chain management, life sciences, and enterprise solutions. Their ownership brings a corporate touch to the team.

5. Ba11sy Trichy:
Ba11sy Trichy, denoted without an abbreviation, is owned by Ruby Builders. Ruby Builders is a renowned real estate development company known for its quality construction and customer-centric approach. Their ownership signifies the importance of the local community and infrastructure development.

6. IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans (ITT):
The IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans, represented by the abbreviation ITT, are owned by iDream Cinemas and IDream Properties. iDream Cinemas is a film production and distribution company, while IDream Properties is involved in real estate development. The team’s ownership reflects the blend of entertainment and real estate sectors.

7. Siechem Madurai Panthers (SMP):
The Siechem Madurai Panthers, represented by the abbreviation SMP, are owned by Pooja Damodaran. Pooja Damodaran is an individual owner who brings her passion for cricket and support for the Madurai region to the team. Her ownership showcases the involvement of individuals in the league.

8. Nellai Royal Kings (NRK):
The Nellai Royal Kings, denoted by the abbreviation NRK, are owned by Crown Forts Limited. Crown Forts Limited is a company known for its investment in various sectors, including real estate and hospitality. Their ownership adds a touch of financial backing and stability to the team.

In conclusion, the TNPL 2023 features a diverse set of teams with unique owners representing different industries such as smartphone distribution, media, film production, technology, real estate, and more. The involvement of these owners not only brings financial support but also adds value, recognition, and a touch of their respective industries to the teams, making the tournament even more exciting for cricket enthusiasts and fans across Tamil Nadu.