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‘Throwball’ is a game that could be played indoors or outdoor with 2 teams which consist of 7 players in each. The game shares its roots with volleyball and whilst, on the surface, it may look similar but there are some fundamental differences. Like volleyball, it is played on a court that is split into two with a net in the middle but the playing surface of the court is much larger than a regular volleyball court. The governing body of this game is the International Throwball Federation(ITF).

It is thought to have originated in England, descended from a popular game played by women and then exported to India via the YMCA who brought it to Chennai in the 1940s. The first rules for Throwball were written by Harry Crowe Buck of the YMCA in 1955 and the sport gradually grew in popularity over the next few years, with the Throwball Federation of India being formed in 1985.


  • Throwball court that measures 12.2m x 18.3m with a neutral box at either side of the centre measuring 1.5m.
  • A net is placed across the centre of the throwball court at a height of 2.2m.

How to Play the Throwball Game?

The game might sound easy but it isn’t. The players are trained in a manner that will help them adapt to their skills. There are many training tests that are conducted for the players to boost the way their game plan is. This is beneficial as they will understand the rules and work on getting more efficient by time. The game is more exciting than it sounds and has particular rules for it, which is illustrated below:

Throwball Game

  • Throwball shall be played between two teams, each consisting of twelve players, seven of whom can be active on the pitch at any one time. The remaining five players are substitutes.
  • Throwball uses rally scoring in which points can only be scored when serving.
  • Matches should be played for the best of three sets, each set’s winner being the first to score 15 points.
  • Service is done immediately after the referee’s whistle at the start of the game and after a point is scored. It is done from behind the backline towards any area of the opposition’s half.
  • Points are lost in throwball if a team fails to return a serve or throw such as by hitting the net of failing to catch the ball and then throw it back.
  • The team will have 6 players who will begin the game, keeping in mind of having 3 other substitutes.
  • On the scheduled date, all team members will have to be present 15 minutes prior to the game otherwise the negligence to do so can declare the opponent team as the winner.
  • When you receive the ball you cannot juggle with it.
  • If the ball is thrown at the person and it is caught by them, they need to throw it back immediately or within a timeframe of 3 seconds.
  • When a payer is serving the ball, they cannot cross the service line using their single hand.
  • When the ball is in hand, playing with it and shifting it from right to left or vice versa is not allowed.
  • While the game is being played, any act of pushing is not allowed.
  • When the service ball is being thrown, it needs to ensure that the ball shouldn’t touch the net.
  • When the game is prolonging, the payers need to keep in mind that they cannot touch the net for whatever reasons but the ball they use can.


  • When the game is being played, two players cannot touch the ball at the same time.
  • Once the ball is in the hands, it needs to be thrown back directly after the whistle blows or within 5 seconds.
  • While aiming or catching, players have to strictly use their hands to enforce their actions, their body or legs cannot be a part of it.
  • In the case of the substitutes, their turn will only arise when they have to serve or in case of any injury which is again an exception.
  • A timing break of two minutes is allowed in the game.

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