The Harbingers event in Apex Legends brings Fuse’s Heirloom and nighttime World’s Edge to the live servers

Apex Legends

The new event in Apex Legends, called Harbingers, is now happening on all servers. This event is special because it brings a few exciting things to the game. First, it introduces Fuse’s special item, called Heirloom, for the first time. It also adds a new mode that you can only play for a limited time, and it changes the way you can play on the World’s Edge map from September 19 to October 3.

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During the Heirloom event, you can complete daily challenges to earn points, up to 1,400 points each day. These points help you get cool event items and cosmetics for free. You can also get special Apex Packs or use in-game currency to unlock fancy skins for your characters. Some of these skins are Legendary, which is the highest level of coolness, and they’re available for Bloodhound and Fuse, which is fitting because Fuse’s Heirloom is a big part of this event.

If you collect all the special items available in the event, you can unlock Fuse’s special guitar called Razor’s Edge.

But that’s not all that’s happening in Apex Legends during the Harbingers event. You can also try out a new mode called Living Shell Trios. In this mode, you get to use a cool grenade called Rev Shell, which can find and hurt your enemies a lot. But be careful, because your enemies can shoot your grenades before they hit them, causing an early explosion.

And if that’s not enough new stuff, you can play on the World’s Edge map, but this time it’s nighttime. Some of the places you know might look different in the dark, like the Pain Yard and The Tree. You can explore a train that doesn’t go anywhere or hide under big roots, but watch out for hot lava!

Also, the event update is making some changes to a few characters in the game, like Fuse, Horizon, Rampart, and Revenant, as well as to the Nemesis AR gun. You can enjoy the Harbingers event until October 3.