Leaker Reveals Playtesting of Game-Altering Feature in Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Respawn, the company behind Apex Legends, is known for making changes to the game to give players new experiences. Now, there are leaks suggesting they’re planning a big change that could really shake things up.

According to Thordan Smash, who knows a lot about Apex Legends, Respawn is testing a new feature that’s similar to what’s in Apex Legends Mobile. If this feature makes its way into the main game, it could be a big deal. It would let players unlock new things and customize their characters and abilities. This means players could create their own unique ways to play the game.

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In the mobile game, there was a system called perks. These perks could change how a character’s abilities work. You could pick one perk for each category, like changing a character’s passive ability or giving them a special boost if they performed a finishing move. Some perks were small, like giving a bit more health when using healing items, while others had a big impact, like letting Pathfinder use his grappling hook to rescue downed teammates.

It’s clear that Respawn is taking ideas from the mobile game, but we don’t know exactly how similar it will be. Thordan also said there’s no release date yet because they’re still testing it. So, it could change a lot before it’s in the real game. But if it does come to Apex Legends, it could make the game more exciting and keep it fresh for a long time.

This feature could also be a big deal for Apex Esports, making the game more interesting for players and viewers. Creating character builds and new combinations of abilities could lead to more creativity and strategies. Plus, it could be an easy way to make small changes to characters without a big update.

In the end, this perk system might be just what Apex Legends needs to keep evolving and keep players excited in the years to come.