Ranking of All Recon Class Legends in Apex Legends Season 18


Apex Legends has 24 characters called Legends. Four of these are important in the Recon Class. This class was there from the start of the game and got updated in Season 16. Now, in Season 18, let’s make a list of the best Recon Legends for the current game style.

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We’ll pick the ones that are great for playing in this season’s competitive scene.

Apex Legends now has Class Perks that make all the Legend Classes better. These small additions are nice improvements, giving you a bit more help in battles. In our list, we’ll put the Legends into four groups:

C-tier: Legends that are not doing so well and are not popular in Season 18.

B-tier: Legends that can be useful in certain situations and are still somewhat popular in Season 18.

A-tier: Legends that are really helpful in battles.

S-tier: Legends that are currently the best in the Recon class and will help you do really well in your games.


Vantage is a Recon Legend, but some think she doesn’t offer much. Her recon skills are mostly about checking enemy shields and how many are in a team.

She’s not that useful for teamwork, but she’s good for players who like to be alone. Her special moves are all about helping herself.

Vantage suits people who want to play alone. For them, she’s a good choice. But Apex Legends is about working together, so she’s not ranked very high.


Crypto is a strong character in Apex Legends, but in Season 18’s aggressive game style, he’s not very helpful. Crypto likes to plan things carefully and move slowly, but this doesn’t work well with the fast pace of this season.

His abilities need him to stay still and use his drone, which can put his team at a disadvantage. In Season 18, it’s tough for teams to survive if they have fewer players. If a group of three players attacks a team with fewer players, it usually leads to that team getting wiped out quickly.

Because of this, Crypto is in the lower part of the B-tier in our ranking. He can still be useful because he gathers a lot of information, but he’s not one of the best characters for Season 18.


Seer used to be really strong in Apex Legends, but in Season 18, he got weaker due to changes in the game. He was too powerful before, so the developers made him more balanced.

Even with the changes, Seer is still a good Recon Legend. He gives you great information and can make it hard for enemies to move around. His special move called Exhibit is one of the best in the game. It helps you track enemies in a certain area.

People might think Seer is not as good now, but he actually has a lot of potential. If you practice with him, you can get really good and cause trouble for enemies on the battlefield.


Bloodhound is now doing better than Seer in the game’s rankings. They are the best Recon Legend in Apex Legends for Season 18. Bloodhound is really easy for beginners to use and they are great at finding and chasing enemy teams on the battlefield.

They were recently changed to be more aggressive, but you need to know how to use them well. Their special move called Eye of the Allfather shows all enemies, traps, and clues in a certain area, so you can be careful.

Bloodhound’s best move is their ultimate called Beast of the Hunt. It’s great for attacking enemies aggressively. When you activate it, a White Raven flies towards the nearest enemy. If you use it while your ultimate is on, scanning the White Raven makes it stronger and gives back your special move. Knocking down enemies adds more time to your ultimate.

This is why Bloodhound is the best choice for Season 18 in Apex Legends. They are in the highest S-tier on our list. They are at their best when you confidently attack enemies and take them out.