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Sumit Singh Kabaddi Player

Sumit Singh is a professional Kabaddi player who plays in Pro Kabaddi League. The raider made his debut in season 4 for Bengaluru Bulls and has been a part of the squad since then.    

Sumit SinghPersonal Profile:
Date of Birth: 15 Jun 1996
Nationality: Indian
Weight: – 
Height: – 
Position: Raider

Teams Played for
Season 4: Bengaluru Bulls
Season 5: Bengaluru Bulls
Season 6: Bengaluru Bulls 
Season 7: Bengaluru Bulls 

Matches Played: 17
Total Points: 24
Career Best Points in a match: 4
Raid Points: 18
Total Raids: 52
Successful Raids: 12
Unsuccessful Raids: 14
Empty Raids: 26
Successful Raid Percentage: 34.61%
Raid Touch points: 9
Raid Bonus Points: 9
Super Raids: 0
Super 10’s: 0
Tackle Points: 6
Tackles: 15
Successful Tackles: 5
Unsuccessful Tackles: 10
Super Tackles: 1
High 5’s: 0
Green Cards: 2
Yellow Cards: 
Red Cards: 0

Season Wise Stats:


SeasonTeamMatches PlayedTotal RaidsSuccessful RaidsUnsuccessful RaidsRaid Touch PointsRaid Bonus PointsTotal Raid Points 
PKL 6Bengaluru  Bulls827765611
PKL5Bengaluru Bulls4502000
PKL4Bengaluru Bulls5556437


Season Team Matches Played Total Tackles Successful Tackles Total Tackle Points
PKL 6 Bengaluru Bulls 8 10 4 4
PKL5 Bengaluru Bulls 4 0 0 0
PKL4 Bengaluru Bulls 5 5 1 2
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