Striker Mario Balotelli likely to get in trouble




Brescia striker Mario Balotelli might get into trouble after him getting into new under-age sexual allegations. However, it’s not necessary to always arrive at a conclusion when any blame game beings, but the Serie A player looks like he is already into trouble.

Police had been investigating claims made against the Brescia striker relating to an incident that happened in January 2018 when he was playing for a French club.


According to The Daily Mail reports, Brescia striker had somehow managed to get off the allegations in the past in context to sexual violence against the under-age girl, but new allegations have now again emerged against him

As per the reports, the striker was in a relationship with a girl who initially mentioned she was 18 years old but was 17 in real. Later on, the girl went to make an attempt to blackmail Balotelli for €100k, otherwise, she was going to go to the police.

Reports also stated that he was out of the mess earlier, but the girl has been given with a new legal team and the team is now looking forward to issuing new charges against him.

Elisa Romeo, who has been appointed as the woman’s lawyer, affirmed that Balotelli is still facing the possibility of criminal action.

Ms. Romeo said: ‘In January 2018 the young woman, before being denounced in her turn, filed a lawsuit against Mario Balotelli following a relationship. It began consensually. However, it evolved into sexual acts that were not wanted by the girl, and subsequently into sexual violence.’

At his level, Balotelli managed to stop the blackmails, but on the other hand, his counterpart who comes from near Vicenza in north-eastern Italy threatened to sell the story to a newspaper which would make the situation worse.

For now, neither the court or the team management are looking out for taking any actions against Balotelli, but he would be getting more of it sooner or later. His legal advisers stated:

‘We will make the required checks at the appropriate places.’