Srikar Bharat vs Ishan Kishan: Who is Right Fit for WTC Final

Ishan Kishan

In the context of the WTC Final between India and Australia, Ishan Kishan would be the right fit over Srikar Bharat. While Bharat has struggled to make an impact in his limited opportunities, Kishan’s recent performances and skill set make him a more suitable choice for such a crucial match.

Firstly, Ishan Kishan has been in scintillating form in limited-overs cricket, particularly in the Indian Premier League (IPL). His fearless batting style and ability to score quick runs make him a dynamic player who can take the attack to the opposition. Kishan’s aggressive approach can provide the much-needed impetus to India’s innings in a high-stakes encounter like the WTC Final.

Additionally, Kishan has displayed remarkable adaptability in adjusting to the demands of international cricket. He made a stunning debut in the international cricket. His ability to handle pressure and perform under challenging circumstances was evident during those tough-notch innings, making him a valuable asset for the Indian team.

Furthermore, Kishan’s wicket-keeping skills and agility behind the stumps make him a complete package. His quick reflexes and safe pair of hands ensure that the team’s fielding standards remain high. In a match where every run and every catch matters, having a proficient wicket-keeper like Kishan can make a significant difference.

On the other hand, Srikar Bharat‘s recent performances have not been up to the mark. His struggles in the domestic circuit and in the Border Gavaskar trophy reflect a lack of confidence and form. While every player goes through rough patches, the WTC Final is not the ideal platform to experiment with someone who has been struggling to find their rhythm.

Moreover, Kishan’s aggressive approach can also put pressure on the Australian bowlers and disrupt their plans. His ability to take the attack to the opposition can provide India with crucial momentum and an edge in the match. Kishan’s natural stroke play and fearless mindset make him a potential game-changer in a high-profile contest like the WTC Final.

Considering Ishan Kishan’s recent form, adaptability, aggressive batting style, and wicket-keeping skills, he appears to be the right fit for the WTC Final. While Srikar Bharat has had a tough time performing, Kishan’s explosive batting and ability to handle pressure make him a more suitable choice. The WTC Final demands players who can make an impact and rise to the occasion, and Kishan possesses the qualities needed to excel in such a high-pressure match.