Sourav Ganguly To Take A Call On The Tenure Of Indian Selectors

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BCCI: The members of the Indian selection committee have got a fair bit of time left in their tenure, but it is not certain if they would get to complete their tenure. The new BCCI office bearers are in place now and they will decide if the committee should be given an extension.

The BCCI rule regarding the tenure of the selectors is that the selectors, given the approval of the board, can work for a period of maximum 5 years, but their positions will be reviewed by the office bearers in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year.

Since the BCCI didn’t have an AGM in 2017 and 2018, the selectors’ positions didn’t get reviewed and they got automatic extensions. However, with Sourav Ganguly taking charge of the BCCI now, it’s likely that there will be a review soon.

Ganguly, in consultation with his team, might want to make changes in the selection committee in parts or he might want to change the whole selection committee altogether and ask the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) to pick a new selection committee.

But, it’s going to take some time as the CAC is not there at the moment after the resignation of Kapil Dev and Shantha Rangaswamy. First, a new CAC has to be formed which will then make changes in the selection committee as instructed by Ganguly.

“Still the president can keep three, replace two or even ask the Cricket Advisory Committee to pick five new members as a part of complete overhaul.” A BCCI official was quoted saying by PTI.

The current Indian selection committee has five members. While, two of them, including the chairman MSK Prasad, have held their positions since 2015, the remaining three joined them a year later in 2016.


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