Sivaramakrishnan applies for selection committee; BCCI’s mail deleted

In a suspicious turn of events, an email sent by an applicant for the role of chief selector has gone missing from BCCI’s inbox.

Former Indian cricketer Laxman Sivaramakrishnan has shown great interest in becoming a national selector for the current Indian cricketing team. Sivaramakrishnan went through all the procedures listed by the website of the BCCI and also sent in his CV to the board’s inbox as specified, 48 hours (2 days) before the deadline. However, Sivaramakrishnan’s email somehow disappeared from the inbox of the BCCI.

Sources within the BCCI could not get their story straight, as some people said that the message somehow “got deleted.” Others jumped on the bandwagon, erratically claiming that the message was reported: “spam.”

Everyone who consulted with Sivaramakrishnan could positively claim that the message was sent in accordance with the deadline. According to a source who consulted with Sivaramakrishnan, “the email was sent two days before the deadline. It was mentioned on the official link posted by the BCCI on their website. So, there’s no way Siva’s application can stand invalid”.

The source further stated that it was impossible that Sivaramakrishnan had the sent mail on his computer, while the BCCI’s inbox reveals no received messages from him. “Siva sent the email at 16:16pm (as mentioned in his sent mail) on Jan 22. The deadline was Jan 24. The new email address was created specifically to receive CVs from interested candidates. 21 applications have been received, which means there should be 21 e-mails in the inbox.

How can just one email go missing? Especially when the person sending it clicked on the official link to send it? How can a random email end in the spam folder either? How many spam emails can collect in a new email ID created for a specific purpose?”

Sources within the BCCI state that it was a prank conducted by one of the members within the board, and are currently in contact with their tech team “to understand if the e-mail was received in the inbox first before someone deliberately deleted it or reported it as spam”.

It looks like a clear case of mischief and needs to be thoroughly investigated. Sivaramakrishnan needs to be called and his e-mail’s sent folder needs to be looked into. If he’s saying he sent the email on Jan 22 and knows the precise timing when he sent it, why would he lie?”

Sivaramakrishnan rose as a probable placement for exiting chief selector MSK Prasad, who left last month.