Sergio Perez set to miss F1 British GP after testing positive for COVID-19

Sergio Perez

Formula One driver, Sergio Perez will miss the upcoming British Grand Prix, which is scheduled for 2nd August 2020 at the silver stone circuit as he has been tested positive for coronavirus.

According to him, he became prone to this virus following a trip back home to Mexico to meet his mother who met with an accident.

The biggest shocking thing for him was that he had no symptoms and still he became prone to this virus. He is certainly disappointed
that he will not be taking part in the upcoming Grand Prix.

In a video message he posted on his Twitter account he wrote: “Thank you, everyone, for your support and stay safe!”



He expressed his disappointment after testing positive and told how badly he wanted to take part in the Britain Grand Prix and wanted his team to win that tournament.

I’m extremely sad – definitely one of the saddest days in my career. The amount of preparation we put into this weekend to be 100% ready, I knew I had a great car underneath me, that the team had done a fantastic job. He said

I’m really sad that this happened, but it just shows how vulnerable we all to this virus. I follow all the instructions from FIA, from my team. After Hungary I took a private plane to Mexico to see my mum for two days because she had a big accident. So as soon as she left hospital I was able to see her.

These are certainly tough moments for me at the moment, but I am sure I will come back stronger from this. Just stay safe, look after yourself, look after your families and hope to see you soon at a race track.” He added.

His team Racing Point have not announced the driver yet who will race in his absence. However, Nico Hulkenberg can be considered as the replacement with the way he has performed in the last few years.

In August 2019 he signed a three-year extension with Racing Point which will end in 2022. When he started racing he was also named as “The Mexican Wunderkind”.