Rohit-Virat: One of the Greatest ODI Pairs



A Good start will be considered as much an important factor to win an ODI match. Most important is to convert a good start into a great finish, for a great finish, it takes good acceleration from the middle order batsman. A batsman needs to take control by scoring a good hundred or a good score that can give the team good total to defend or chase the score set up by the opposition. Now, what If tow batsman set the innings on fire and plays a majestic innings? It takes a great pair to dominate the opposition completely.

In this article, we will discuss about one of the greatest ODI pairs in the world now. It is Rohit Sharma and the Indian captain Virat Kohli.  Two young boys who made debut a decade ago has now transformed into a deadliest combination and demons’ stuff to the opposition. Get these two out if you ever want to have a chance to win a match against India. If these two get going, it is better to start planning for the next game. Lets us look at what makes these two a deadly pair.

What gives them the Advantage?

Rohit is opening the batting for India and Virat comes in at number three, this position gives them ample time and opportunity to analyze the game and plan the pace of the game. They come into a position where the batsmen could take time out for them to settle and rotate strike and then begin to fire. Hence, they will be able to shift the plan for every 10 overs of the game once they find them in a set position.

What Makes them Dangerous?

Rohit hits the ball clean as a new built home and Virat kohli strikes it with perfection. Whoever watches their batting will give those following tags:

Rohit’s Batting – Careless elegance

Virat’s Batting – Perfect text book stuff

Both can read the game and go for the big ones immediately when the chance is given by the bowler and a single in the very next ball to make things sensible. Rohit makes a player look like a kid when he starts striking the ball once he crosses the 50-run mark. Virat drives the ball along the ground yet the fielders have no chance in stopping it. He finds sends the ball in the gaps where only ants can enter.

Ability to Chase Big Scores

rohit and kohli

Opposition scores 350 +, it goes as nothing when these two fires together. Imagine both scoring hundreds under 75 balls and add the score to the score to team score?  350 is an easy chase, isn’t it? This is what they do while chasing. Rohit’s aggression and Virat’s class proving to be a deadly combination in these situations. Virat has been specially tagged as the chase master of this cricketing generation.       

Understanding between each other 

Rohit-Virat Pics

They might be having a poor understanding while running between the wickets; they might run each other out several times. But ever noticed that these both have no ego while batting and understand the situation completely?  When one of them gets going, another one genuinely rotates single and hands over the strike to the other one. When they play together, they play for the cause of the team. When both are in full flow, they rotate strike from both ends and send sixes from both the sides. This quality makes them one of the best pairs in the world.

Chances of Overhauling Legends

The numbers never lie. If these two continue at this scoring rate, they will need only 60 innings to overtake the record of Sachin and Ganguly. We will have to wait and watch as long run performance is often rare, but these two can perform till they retire. It will be interesting to wait and watch if his swashbuckling duo is able to maintain their focus and fitness levels in the future.


Rohit-Virat Images

They have average above 60 as a pair, this doesn’t only show the talent they possess, also about their consistency as pair in the middle. They have been involved in 15 + century partnerships. Their consistency is amazing, and they turn up for the team every time in the much-needed situations.

Their Confidence

Both are highly self-confident players. When you watch them bat and play their strokes, you will send their confidence in meeting the ball. It will be like they have already sent the ball to the fence. Such confidence can make any player a quality player. These both do that on the field always and it is a treat for the eyes to watch them play.

These two are hottest assets that India has got, recently these two got involved in the 246-run partnership against West Indies which made a chase of 320 + a cake walk. They both struck centuries as Rohit remained not out till the end. Whenever these two succeed, India has done well and won the matches. It is also important to note that, out of 15 match century stands between them, 9 of them have come in overseas conditions. If they continue this for another 5 years, they have all the chance of becoming India’s all-time greatest pair in the pitch.

It is said that, if Rohit won’t get you, Kohli will, but when they bat together, it is one of the deadliest combinations ever.

There is a lot more to come from these two, The Australian tour is just around the corner and we are very sure that these two will be winning the limited over series for India. Both these players share an outstanding record in Australian pitches. They have the will and power to achieve for quite a long time, we will be witnessing them at all important 2019 world cup. With these two in full form at that time in England, get ready to see India getting crowned as world champions for the third time and this time after 8 years.

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