‘Rohit Sharma Was Depressed For A Month’ Reveals Star Indian Cricketer

'Rohit Sharma Was Depressed For A Month' Reveals Star Indian Cricketer

One of the most well-known players in cricket right now is Rohit Sharma. In addition to leading the Indian cricket team, his batting brilliance has elevated him to the status of one of the game’s most revered players. He made his India debut in an ODI against Ireland in 2007 and has since been regarded as a unique batting potential.

Rohit now has 3853 runs in 148 T20Is (average 31.32), 3379 runs in 49 Tests (average 45.66), and 9825 runs in 243 ODIs (average 48.63). One of the rare players who has scored a lot in each of the three forms is him. Despite having such a successful career, Rohit experienced depression at one point because of his cricketing endeavours.

Jemimah Rodrigues, a standout on the Indian women’s team, has disclosed a chat she had with the Indian men’s squad.

The 2011 World Cup was also without Rohit Sharma. I questioned him, “10 years from now, you are leading India. Did you ever imagine this would happen?” No, many people approached me at the time and said many things, but nobody understood what I was going through, said he (Rohit Sharma). There was just one guy, Yuvraj Singh, who approached him (Rohit), invited him to supper, and that was all. For a month, he said he was depressed. Considering that you fantasise about the WC. I was weeping inside when he said that. Jemimah Rodrigues said at “Breakfast With Champions”

“Tough times will happen, but you know it depends on what you do next, he added. Make sure you are prepared for the next chance when it arises. Whether something occurs or not, it’s fine. And I kept remembering it. I don’t have anything or anyone to prove. I simply have to participate for the sake of having fun,” she remarked.

In the IPL 2023, Rohit is currently playing for Mumbai Indians.