Gladiators Esports Wins BGIS 2023, Taking Home INR 75 Lakhs Grand Prize

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Gladiators Esports emerged victorious at the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023, taking home the grand prize of INR 75 lakhs. The team outplayed 15 other top BGMI teams over the course of three days of intense competition at the SVP Stadium in Mumbai.

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Gladiators Esports’ roster consisted of DeltaPG, Destro, Justin, and SHOGUN. The team displayed consistent gameplay throughout the tournament, finishing with 200 points overall, despite not winning a single chicken dinner. Their consistent placement points proved to be the difference, as they edged out second-placed Big Brother Esports by just nine points.

Team X Spark and Blind Esports finished third and fourth, respectively, with 173 and 164 points. Other notable finishes included Gods Reign, Medal Esports, Revenant Esports, and TWM Gaming.

The BGIS 2023 Grand Finals was a thrilling event, with all 16 teams vying for the top spot. The tournament also witnessed some impressive individual performances. Manya from Blind Esports won the Best IGL award, Saif from Big Brother won the Finals MVP award, Duke from GlitchXReborn won the Rising Star award, and DeltaPG from Gladiators Esports won the Tournament MVP award.

Gladiators Esports’ victory at BGIS 2023 is a testament to their skill and hard work. The team has been one of the most consistent performers in the Indian BGMI scene, and they have now proven themselves to be the best team in the country. Their victory is also a major boost for Indian esports, as it shows that Indian teams can compete at the highest level.

The BGIS 2023 Grand Finals was a huge success, with over 6,000 spectators in attendance. The tournament was also streamed live on various platforms, and it garnered a massive viewership. The event was a major boost for esports in India, and it showed that esports is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

The victory is also likely to inspire more people to take up esports as a career. With the prize pools for esports tournaments increasing, there is now more money to be made in esports than ever before. This is likely to attract more talented players to the scene, which will further elevate the level of competition.

Overall, Gladiators Esports’ victory at BGIS 2023 is a positive development for Indian esports. It shows that the scene is growing and maturing, and it is likely to inspire more people to take up esports as a career.