Reports: English Premier League considers the plan to resume the league in June

The English Premier League, one of England’s top football league has now planned to resume the season from June 1 in order to conclude the season in over six weeks to start their new season of 2020-21 by August 8 this year, as reported by The Daily Telegraph. 


This decision was taken with the motive of helping the clubs in dealing with the losses incurred due to the coronavirus outbreak. The clubs have to pay the wages to the staff despite the football matches not being played due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The only obstacle the clubs face now is the contract of some players whose tenure is set to end by June but the FIFA governing body has said that they will look for the other alternatives to curb the issue for the time being. 

The matches will be played behind the closed doors without the audience in the stadium, however, the matches will be broadcasted so as to generate revenue from the broadcasters. UEFA’s announcement has also appealed to the government to allow the emergency services at the venue of the match. 

With the Euro, Championship postponed for the next year, EPL will have the advantage of using that window to conduct their matches as enough time will also be available for conducting the next season of the EPL from August itself. In fact, the time bracket will be used for conducting FA Cup, but only behind closed doors. 

The report also said, allowing the league to fulfill its commitments in the second season of three-year broadcast deals worth 9.2 billion pounds ($10.73 billion).