PV Sindhu Partners with Badminton Legend Prakash Padukone for 2024 Paris Olympics Prep

PV Sindhu, Prakash Padukone, Paris Olympics, Badminton

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing her performance ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, India’s badminton sensation PV Sindhu has announced a partnership with former badminton ace Prakash Padukone. The World No. 11 shuttler shared the exciting news on x (formerly Twitter), expressing her enthusiasm for the collaboration as she seeks to optimize her skills under the guidance of the legendary player.

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PV Sindhu, a prominent name in international badminton, unveiled the news, emphasizing Prakash Padukone’s pivotal role as not just a mentor but also as her guide, guru, and true friend. The announcement sheds light on PV Sindhu’s training journey, which began in late August, and she is optimistic about the positive impact Padukone will have on her game.

In a heartfelt post on x, Sindhu shared, “He’s more than a mentor; he’s my guide, my guru, and, above all, a true friend. I wholeheartedly believe he possesses the magic to bring out the absolute best from my game.” The post reflects the strong bond and connection the two have developed in a relatively short span, with Sindhu expressing gratitude for Padukone’s timely outreach during her time in Japan.

Prakash Padukone, a legendary figure in the world of badminton, boasts an impressive track record as a former top shuttler. At the age of 16, he secured the national senior championship in 1971, making him the youngest player to achieve this remarkable feat. His prowess continued to shine as he clinched gold in the singles event at the 1978 Commonwealth Games and triumphed at prestigious tournaments like the Danish Open and the Swedish Open.

Padukone’s crowning achievement was becoming the first Indian shuttler to win the All England Championships and attain the coveted number-one world badminton ranking. Now, with his wealth of experience and expertise, he is poised to guide and mentor Sindhu, who has faced challenges in maintaining consistent form in recent years.

PV Sindhu’s decision to join forces with Padukone comes at a crucial juncture, especially as she recently sustained a knee injury during the French Open in October. While she faces a temporary hiatus from competition, the collaboration with Padukone is expected to play a pivotal role in her recovery and preparation for upcoming major tournaments, including the highly anticipated Paris Olympics in 2024.

As badminton enthusiasts eagerly await the dynamic duo’s impact on the court, Sindhu’s partnership with Prakash Padukone adds an exciting chapter to her journey, infusing renewed energy and optimism for her future performances on the global badminton stage.