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Tips and Tricks

ProSports11 Introduction

If you are a cricket fan and wish to turn your cricket passion into the winning huge cash then you should go for the ProSports11 as it is India’s fastest growing fantasy cricket platform. ProSports11 allows you to have fun while you watch cricket and you can follow live scores of the matches that you decide to play. If you are the crazy cricket fan then you can surely make lots of money with the ProSports11. This fantasy game offers the many exciting benefits and you defiantly have a higher chance of winning the game. It offers the sign- up bonus of amount Rs 150 and you can also earn up to Rs 250 as the referral bonus for each refers.

About ProSports11


It is a Fantasy Sports App where you can use your knowledge of cricket to play the fantasy game and earn the real cash. While there are many fantasy game app but ProSports11 brings an unabridged new level of fantasy game which allows you to play the Fantasy Sports with interesting offers and unique features. It is different from other fantasy game applications due to many reasons.

Some of them are like this app has a low competition and have a high chance of winning in Jackpot leagues, it continuously brings the exciting offers on daily basis which means that there are high chances of winning with the low investment, and to add on platform charge is too less in head to head league with the introduction of the regular and backup league. It has the virtuous looking interface and easy to play which makes it even better.

How to Signup


There are millions of cricket fans who download the fantasy game app and earn lots of money. It is an increasing trend with the young generation. You can follow the below steps to download the app and register yourself to get the signup bonus:-

  1. You will need to visit the ProSports11 website to download the app and install the app. This is the first basic step.
  2. Now you can click on the new user? Sign up button to register yourself on the app.
  3. The next step is to carefully fill all your details like user name, email ID and phone number with password.
  4. You will receive the verification link on your email Id and you should verify the link. The verification step is the most crucial step as without this you won’t be able to play the game.
  5. Once the verification process is completed, you will be able to see your profile through the Dashboard.
  6. Now you can refer the app to your friends and earn the referral bonus as well as the signup bonus.
  7. You should remember that you will need to enter the referral code to avail the signup bonus.
  8. It’s time to update your profile with all your other details on the profile section.

How to Play ProSports11

How to play

ProSports11 has the two types of mode to play the league. And they are Regular mode and the backup mode. In the regular mode you will need to submit your team before the toss and In Backup mode, you can submit the team after the toss. First, you will need to select the match to play which can be any upcoming match. Then the next step is to choose the players and create the team. You would need to create your own team with the Captain and Vice-Captain.

The point to note here is that you should choose the four extra players which will be required if any player from the main team doesn’t play the game for unavoidable reasons. Now that you have selected the team and the match, it is time to join any of the various contests available. Once the match is over, you will receive the winning amount according to your rank and you can withdraw the winning amount into your bank.

Special Offers

Promo Code

This fantasy game bids many types of interesting and exciting offers daily. Remember that the offers provided by the ProSports11 are only for the limited time period, so better to make most of the available opportunity. We bring you some of the special offers that ProSports11 has to offer:-

  1. Deposit Offer – You will always obtain extra money in your wallet on every deposit by applying the promo code. You can add money via Online payment Method or Paytm and get extra Money for Playing matches by Applying this codes “MORE5000” and you will receive Extra Rs.2000 In deposit and Rs.3000 in Promo Balance on Adding Rs.10,000. And another code is “MORE2000” and you will receive extra Rs.900 In deposit and Rs.1100 in Promo Balance on Adding Rs.5,000.
  2. Jackpot Contest Offers – You will receive fifty percent of Lost Amount if you play seven back to back league in jackpot contest. Also, if you are lucky then you will get the free league to play at free of cost.
  3. Referral Bonus – You will receive the referral bonus each time your friend signup through the referral code provided by you. This is a chance to increase your earning by referring as many friends as you can. Also playing the match with friends is total fun.

To earn the referral bonus, you will need to click the refer and earn button through the Profile section. Now, you should share the referral code with your friends. You will receive Rs 50 when your friends’ signup and enters your referral code. Once your friend completes the KYC process, you will receive Rs 50 again in your wallet. You will get 50% in deposit balance when friends make a deposit, up to Rs. 100. And you will receive Rs.50 whenever your friend plays five contests.

How to Withdraw

It is a very simple process to withdraw the winning amount from ProSports11 wallet account. Some of the important tips for withdrawing the amount is as follows:-

1) You can withdraw your winning amount through wallet section.

2) However, remember that you would not be able to withdraw your promotional balance.

3) It is necessary to complete the KYC as withdraw would not be possible with the incomplete KYC.

3) It should be noted that the minimum withdrawal is Rs.200 only.

4) Your money will be credited in your bank account within 1 – 2 days.

Tricks to Win the Game

Tips and Tricks

With the growing popularity of fantasy games, no one wants to lose the game. The competitors create a virtual team of real players and it is only the utilization of right skill and strategy that the closest person wins the game and real cash. Since ProSports11 is a bit different from the various other fantasy apps, there is low competition in this app. But still, you need to play the game carefully to make full use of investments and earn a huge amount. We bring you the following tricks to win the game and thereby the huge real cash:-

  1. You should do the lot of research while choosing your team of 11 players. It is recommended that you need to pick a side in which every player that you have picked starts that particular match. The need to win is to understand the player performance. One of the biggest mistake and the common error is selecting a player just on the basis of their reputation and ignoring their current form. It is advisable to select the players who are seen playing in most of the matches.
  2. It is necessary to focus on your captain and vice-captain for the majority of the points are given for the captain and the vice-captain which are 2 times for the captain and 1.5 times for the vice-captain. Therefore, you need to pick these players wisely and always cross-check whether the players chosen as captain and vice-captain are sure shots to play.
  3. It is crucial that you need to understand the game well before you join the big contests. You should not jump for the big contests. You should go for the big contests only if you entirely sure of your team and have great confidence and understanding of the game.
  4. You can also put emphasis on matches which are revealed by the mainstream. Tournaments like Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) do not fascinate the same amount of visitors as IPL & BBL.
  5. The fantasy game is all about the investment and thereby the profit or loss in the result. This means you should not take the game lightly and you must analyse your mistakes post-match. It is recommended to maintain a document so that you become self-aware about the mistakes you did in previous matches.
  6. The next important thing to understand is the Pitch performance. It is obvious for the cricket lover to understand that every pitch is different. A flat pitch is every batsman’s favourite and for such a pitch, picking the minimum number of bowlers is a upright way to plan your game play plan. Similarly, Eden Gardens has turn out to be a fast paced pitch as related to a spin friendly pitch that it was considered for years. Based on the pitch the game is played on, you can pick the teams accordingly. If you are thinking how to win fantasy cricket, then you need to get this cricket strategy just right.
  7. It is important to make sure that your players are playing on that day. This is the basic thing to check but is often overlooked. The worst thing that can happen for you is to pick a team of players who are not playing the real game. The trick here is to avoid players who have been benched throughout the season.
  8. The another secret trick is to calculate the investment made. Some individual players are priced on the higher side and yet don’t perform up to the standards of their bid. Selecting such players would mean, you invest significantly more on such players and however, not get the desired outcome. A good fantasy cricket game strategy would be to focus on the young and talented players and create a balance for your team. This will give you recovering results, and you would be able to win more cash rewards as well.
  9. The important role is to select the top order batsmen and is of utmost important when talk about One Day International and Twenty20s. The worst mistake is that the top players like MS Dhoni as best batsmen because they are the big hitters of the ball but when it comes to the batting order they are on number 5 or 6 or 7. This will reduce the opportunities to bat as compared to the top four batsmen.
  10. The next trick is to pick the right planning approach. Selecting the team and the match is crucial but you should always keep in mind to plan well ahead and then keep the track of the fixtures. You need to decide on the first team and of course pick the substitutes, as per the upcoming games. Tapping the strategy right at the beginning is one of the most imperative things to ensure your win in fantasy cricket.
Point System

ProSports11 Points Table

Fantasy is a type of game where you have to Collect Point in the Game. In this virtual game, you have to Select Players and based on your Players Performance you will get Points. If your points are higher from other Users in Leagues then you will be Selected for the winner. The point system of ProSports11 will be provided with each game. However, the scoring strategy remains more or less like the other applications of the fantasy game. You will need to select the best of the best players in your team and points will keep increasing as per the runs, wickets, economy and much more. The more he runs the more the points, the more the wickets the more the points and points vary with the economy of the game. Be sure of your winning, if you have utilized all your cricket skills and thinking power in the game.

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