Premier League: Chelsea vs Liverpool

Premier League

The Premier League has started and the first match between Chelsea and Liverpool was certainly very competitive. Both teams ensured that they went on to give their best. That is the reason, the final result of the match was a tie. However, Chelsea was able to have far better possession of the ball throughout the game. Both the goals by the teams were scored in the first half of the match. The second half of the game didn’t see any goal, but it certainly saw a number of yellow cards. 

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Chelsea vs Liverpool Match Highlights:

  • The time match started only in the 4th minute of the match, the first Yellow card was given to Chukwuemeka. That gave the indication that this match is going to be a stunner. 
  • In the 18th minute of the match, L. Diaz scored the first goal for Liverpool. 
  • In a manner of only 1 minute, there were 2 Yellow cards that were given to the players of both teams. 
  • In the 37th minute, the scores were leveled, once A. Disasi scored a brilliant goal for Chelsea. Now the score was 1-1.
  • The second half started and both the teams were highly determined to get that goal and get the lead. But the defenders of both teams were brilliant. 
  • In the last 10 minutes of the match, N.Jackson from Chelsea got a Yellow card, and A. Mac Allister, from Liverpool got a Yellow card too. 

Soon, the match ended and there was no result. However, a draw is certainly better than losing the match. 


  • Possession – Chelsea 65.4% & Liverpool 34.6% 
  • Total shots – Chelsea – 10 & Liverpool – 13
  • Corners – Chelsea – 4 & Liverpool – 4
  • Fouls – Chelsea – 5 & Liverpool – 12 

Undoubtedly, this is certainly going to be a great, wonderful tournament. By making it a draw, in the points table of the Premier League, Chelsea is at no. 10 position, and Liverpool is at no. 11.