Everton to bestow ‘guard of honor’ way before the Premier League final results


With few premier league matches still left, Everton opts to give the ‘guard of honor’ to the Reds.

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Everton is all set to give their sturdy rivals Liverpool a guard of honour if the club wins the Premier League title for the first time way before their visit to Goodison Park.

The reds have already marched ahead for their face-off with the Everton’s on Monday, March 16th (8 pm). The game will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports and would be one of the most memorable days for all the Liverpool fans present.everton-guard-of-honor

Currently, it’s Manchester City that has made the results a little skeptical. If Pep Guardiola’s men do not create any blunders in the coming weeks, the quickest Liverpool can win the league is at home against Crystal Palace on Saturday, March 21.

The next game that can decide the fate for Liverpool is their game against Bournemouth on Saturday, March 7 (12.30 pm), four games from now. The said match is also the one before the Red’s journey to Everton.

liverpool-premier-leagueAnd if everything falls into place, Liverpool will most likely be the champions even before facing the Everton’s. It is then, the rivals have decided that they will offer the club a guard of honour in the presence of all their supporters, and spectators at the home ground Goodison Park. The said decision was confirmed by an Everton spokesperson.

Though the results would be quite obvious, Everton fans wouldn’t have to watch the reds lifting up the Premier League trophy at Goodison Park, since even if Liverpool cements the top slot way before the end of the season, they won’t be able to lift the trophy until the final match.

The Red’s final home game will be against Chelsea at Anfield on the weekend of May 8/9. And since Liverpool will be playing against Newcastle away on the final day of the season, they will be given the trophy a week before so their fans can see it lifted.


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