Piers Morgan Takes a Slight Dig on Virender Sehwag After England’s World Cup Win

Piers Morgan Trolls Sehwag

Piers Morgan Trolls SehwagPiers Morgan Trolls Sehwag: British journalist takes on twitter to take a dig at former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag after England’s maiden World Cup triumph. It all started back in 2016 when both Piers Morgan and Virender Sehwag indulged in twitter banter after the 2016 Rio Olympics event. Piers Morgan came across the news where he saw a newspaper front page of badminton player PV Sindhu and wrestler Sakshi Malik being welcomed by the Indian crowd after their wins in the Olympics.

This incident dates back to August 24, 2016 when Sindhu bagged a silver medal, while Sakshi won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Piers Morgan mocked how they were being welcomed by the Indian crowd as they landed in India. He retweeted to a picture saying, “Country with 1.2 billion people wildly celebrates 2 losing medals.


Sehwag in his wittiest form answered back by reminding Morgan of England’s woeful run in the ICC World Cup tournaments. Sehwag backed the celebration of the Rio Olympics by replying, “We cherish every small happiness, but England who invented Cricket are yet to win a World Cup, still continue to play WC. Embarrassing?

On this Morgan was left totally speechless as he was brutally trolled by other Twitterati. Morgan surely did not like being screwed at the moment. 

As of today, England are the new World Champions after they defeated New Zealand in the just concluded World Cup final in a nail-biting finale encounter. England finally won their maiden World Cup and the country rejoiced, Piers Morgan being no different. As Morgan had nothing to say to Sehwag’s epic tweet back in 2016, he still had his wounds fresh. The British journalist took to twitter to take his revenge by re-tweeting Sehwag’s old tweet by simply writing “Hi mate!”, after England’s successful campaign in the World Cup. Morgan was finally able to take his sweet-bitter revenge from Sehwag after 3 years of wait. 

This is how Piers Morgan Trolls Virender Sehwag


Hopefully, we can strike back at him in 2020 when our lovely athletes come to the fore in Tokyo Olympics.

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