PGA Tour Champions - History, Facts and upcoming Matches -

PGA Tour Champions – History, Facts and upcoming Matches

PGA Tour Champions

Although there are a number of Golf championships which gets played across different parts of Globe, the PGA Tour champions has its own special place amongst all of them. If we talk about the General definition of the famous Golf tour, it’s one of the most prestigious Men’s professional senior golf tour around the world which is managed as a part of the famous PGA tour.

History and Background

History of PGA Tour Champions

This Coveted Golf championship was earlier being known as the Senior PGA tour and the Champions tour and got established in the year 1937 with the name Senior PGA championships. For the next many years, it was the only Prestigious Golf tournament for most of the Professional golfers around the world aged more than 50 and took its Official shape by the year 1980 only.

It was during the Golf event in 1978 named The Legends of Golf, that a need for a Annual Golf event for Senior Pros got established. During the same tournament, some of the High profile old Golfing legends came over to participate in the event and amazed everyone with their game. It was finally in 1980 when the Senior PGA tour came into picture and stayed with that name until October 2002 when it was renamed as the Champions Tour till the 2015 season. It was only after the 2015 season when the tournament got its new name as “PGA Tour champions”.

Format of the PGA Champions Tour

Format of the PGA Champions Tour

The Format of this PGA champion’s tour is more or less similar to that of other major Golf events. While Most of the tournaments on this tour gets played in three rounds (54 holes), it was still one round lesser than the regular professional stroke play tournaments on the PGA Tour. Due to this factor along with the smaller fields (81 golfers), there was no possibility left for having any “cuts” between any of the rounds. On the other hand, the five senior major events have a full 72 holes (four rounds) with a 36-hole cut.

Interestingly, the Charles Schwab Cup Championship, which used to gets played during the end of the season, until 2015, was being played with a limited field of 36, along with  72 holes with no cut. It was only after 2016, the format got changed to 54 holes with no cut. This eventually left the possibility of non- consistent performance by any participating golfer over different rounds involved and brought the probability of Major players to win the championship eventually.

Quite surprisingly, the Charles Schwab went on to become a season long battle to gain points during the year 2015. Most of the points were being awarded to the player retaining the top 10 spots. The Format worked like giving one point to the player per $1,000 won (i.e. $500,000 = 500 points) with majors counting double.

Interesting Facts about the PGA champions Tour

PGA champions Tour Facts

The Name Game

This was one of the few Golf tournaments which changed its name multiple times over the course of its journey in the past 40 odd years of its establishment. While initially being known as the Senior PGA tour until the year 2002, it then got renamed as the “Champions Tour” till the 2015 season. Interestingly, the name was again changed to “PGA Tour Champions” and currently being known by the same name only.

The Permission related to allowing Golf carts during the PGA Tour champions

While players were not allowed to take Golf carts along during the various events of the tour initially, it was only in the year 2006, when the Champions tour Division Board of the PGA tour organization allowed players to take the option to use Golf carts during all or most of the Tour events in the course of the championship.

The Complicated system for Field Determination

The process followed by the PGA tour organization to determine the field during most of the events was being quoted as the “ most Complicated  system known to man” by one of the PGA Tour champions player and famous TV Golf analyst Bobby Clampett. He further quoted that this system cannot be understood by even a single player playing the game currently.

Most Successful Players in the PGA Champions Tour History (in terms of Money)

Hale Irwin

Hale Irwin (USA)

Hale Irwin can certainly be quoted as the most successful PGA champions tour player in the history with and earnings of $27,076,479 during his career at the major championship tour event. He has also won the money list title 3 times in his career.

Bernhard Lanegr (Germany)

Bernhard langer is another most popular player and the second most successful player in terms of money earned during his career. He has earned aprrox $24,599,350 in the PGA tour champions. He is also top on the list of player with 9 Money list wins in his career.

Upcoming PGA Tour Champion Events

SAS championship

SAS championship

Venue –Preston wood CC Highlands course

SAS championship would be another event in the list of the PGA champions’ tour and will be played at the Preston wood CC Highlands course USA from October 12-14 2018. The Tournament would be carrying Prize money of $2,100,000 and can eb quoted as one of the most sought after Golfing events in the world.

Dominion Charity Classic

Venue- James River Course

Dominion charity classic would be the next in the list of PGA champions’ tour and would be held from 19 to 21 October 2018 at the famous James River Course. This Prestigious event will be holding prize money of $2,000,000 for all the participants from across the globe.

Powershares QQQ Championship

Venue-Sherwood Golf Course

This would be the next event on the list which would be organized during October 26-28 2018 at the Sherwood Golf Course. The Event would further be carrying a prize money of $ 2,000,000 for all the famous Professional golfers from across the globe.

Charles Shwab Cup Championship

Venue –Phoenix Country Club

This would be the last event in the big list of PGA champions tour in this year and will be held at the famous Phoenix country club during November 9-11.The event would be carrying along a big prize money of $2,500,000 from all the major professional golfers participating in the event.

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