Patrice Evra Calls Arsenal His “Babies” After They Lose To Sheffield United

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Patrice Evra has called Arsenal his “babies” after their stunning defeat at the hands of Sheffield United. Sheffield defeated Arsenal by 1-0 yesterday to secure their third defeat in the Premier League 2019-20.

Sheffield, who were in the second tier of English Football last season, have performed fairly well in the recent times, especially with their backline, but they were still the underdogs against the Gunners. There was a general feeling that Arsenal would be able to get at least one point from this game, if not all three.

However, as it turned out, Sheffield ended up beating Arsenal quite comprehensively. At no point of time did they look under any pressure facing a team much superior to them.

Evra was not convinced with Arsenal’s style of play at all after the game. He was a pundit on the show Monday Night Football and he said that he doesn’t see any difference in the brand of Football Arsenal are playing now and they were playing 10 years ago. It’s all the same.

Evra shared an intense rivalry with Arsenal when he was a part of Manchester United in the period between 2006 and 2014. According to Evra, when he used to come across the Gunners during his time at United, he always looked forward to that because he was sure he had more chances of winning against them than losing.

“I used to call them ‘my babies’ 10 years ago, and they are still, when I look at them and think they are ‘my babies.”, Evra was quoted saying on Monday Night Football.

Evra also shared an interesting story about Robin Van Persie. When Van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United, Evra told him that he’s now at a “man’s club”.

Evra admitted that Van Persie didn’t like his comment at that point of time, but after spending a few weeks with United, the Dutchman came to him and said, “you were right, Patrice.”


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