NRG Joins the Trend of Well-Known Organizations Exiting Apex Legends

One of the big organizations in Apex Legends is no longer part of the game. NRG has announced that its competitive team – sweetdreams, nafen, and Gild – and its only remaining content creator for Apex, babynikki, are leaving.

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This is a quick decline for NRG, which used to be a top organization in the game. Although they didn’t win a big tournament, their competitive team consistently did well, coming in second at the Split One Playoffs this year, and they had popular content creators like aceu and Lululuvely.

In a Twitter statement, Sweet mentioned that NRG’s decision to leave Apex Legends is similar to why other organizations like Team Liquid, Cloud9, and G2 Esports also left. Many orgs have expressed concerns that Apex esports and the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) didn’t offer enough benefits to justify the investment, especially during a period when esports opportunities were limited.

Sweet also mentioned that all the players and coaches on the NRG team will be searching for new teams as they enter the fourth year of the ALGS, but they won’t necessarily stick together.

The former NRG roster is not only looking for a new organization but is also planning some changes for the upcoming year of competition. Despite being a favorite for LAN events earlier in the year, their performance at the last two LAN tournaments, finishing outside the top 10, fell short of their high expectations. This has led to speculation that one or more of the top-tier players – Sweet, nafen, or Gild – may leave the team, potentially igniting a flurry of roster changes as other teams are also rumored to be considering adjustments before the next year of competition.

NRG’s exit could be a significant moment for ALGS organizers. Established organizations like NRG contribute to the competition’s popularity and visibility. If the competition can’t retain some of these organizations, it might hinder its own growth and popularity. The ALGS is set to return for its fourth year of competition in the fall, but it remains uncertain which organizations will participate.