Netflix Caught Out Documentary: Brilliantly Captured Infamous ODI Match fixing Scandal is Out Now

Cricket is like religion in our country; players are idolized to the core, yet a single mistake committed by them may instantly turn those same players into devils.

The trailer for Netflix’s latest documentary, “Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket,” which reveals the darkest side of the gentlemen’s game that began with every player’s desire of representing India, is now available online.

A famous dialogue from a distinguished journalist and cricket specialist once stated is depicted in the trailer which states that “Sport is designed to be scripted; if it is unscripted, it will take away the beauty of sport.”

It also emphasizes the inquiry announced by India’s Sports Minister into the infamous 1999 ODI match-fixing controversy, which involved players like Hershelle Gibbs and Hansie Cronje.

People in India love cricket so any controversy surrounding this beautiful game will generate eyeballs among ardent fans.

The One minute 17-second trailer has so many moments which will give you goosebumps and the full movie will be launched on 17th March 2023

The content appears to be promising, and fans flocked to Twitter to voice their thoughts, writing “Netflix will not disappoint you” and “What a wonderful Documentary Netflix can’t wait to watch.”

However, some individuals aren’t thrilled with this documentary as they believed that “Fixing and betting happen in all sports and they mentioned WWE where everything is fixed”.

There have been other films on rigging and betting, but this one seemed to be on a different tangent. The problem of betting and fixing has severely dampened the spirit of the game, and despite various measures, this ailment does not appear to be curable.


Even IPL 2013, was rocked with fixing controversy, where players like Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan, and others were caught in this later they were declared innocent by distinct courts.

They were playing for Rajasthan Royals post that controversy, the image of the franchise was dampened and they were subsequently banned for few years until they made comeback in the cash-rich league.