NBA – Introduction, Records, Facts, Best Players, Winners in each season

NBA - Introduction, Records, Facts, Best Players, Winners in each season

Basketball is one of the most loved sports around the world and it draws a big fan base from almost every country across the globe. While it used to be one of the most followed sports in the US only, it has gained popularity in countries like India, China and others in a short span of time. On the other side, the NBA (National basketball championship) is probably the biggest and most popular basketball league in the world and gets held across various parts of the USA every year along.


The NBA league was first been formed in the New York city in the year 1946 with the name of Basketball Association of America ( BAA) and got its name changed to NBA only in the year 1949 after merging with the National basketball league( NBL). As of now, it includes in total 30 teams ( 29 from USA and 1 from Canada).

Earlier, the NBA used to involve most of the local players from the country only but as it went further, it attracted most of the big players from across every part of the world.

List of various Major Records in NBA

  • Highest scoring average in a single season


Wilt Chamberlain is that one player who still holds the top 4 scoring averages in the single season and his record states an average of 50.36 per season during the 1961-62 NBA season. His records were so big that the only player who came near to his stats was the legendary Kobe Bryant who held an average of 35.4 points per season.

  • Highest points within a single game


Once again, it’s Wilt the “Stilt” who holds his dominance over another record of scoring most points in a single game i.e 100 points. It’s quite interesting to know that he has six matches in his career with 70 points each and there is no other player nearby to his record. On the second spot, we once again got Kobe Bryant with his 81 points displays on January 22, 2006.

  • Most number of rebounds

Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain seems like leading this list of records as he is also the player with the most number of rebounds in his NBA career ( 23, 924).This record can be stated as phenomenal and unbreakable in very sort and the nearest one to the same is Dwight Howard who got 11,133 rebounds currently to his name.

  • Highest number of wins in a single season

Lebron James

The Golden state warriors hold the record of most number of wins in a single season which they created in the year 2015-16. still, it’s ironical to say that they didn’t been able to win the championship even after holding such a dominance over the whole season and lost to the Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals of the season.

  • Longest NBA winning streak

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers holds the record for longest winning streak which went to 33 games in the 1971-72 seasons. Although the Golden state warriors’ team also came near to the same record, they only had been able to achieve 28 games winning streak in the process. Also, we can say it is quite impossible for any team to break that record anytime soon.c

Interesting facts about NBA

  • One of the NBA players Peter Maravich once stated that he doesn’t want to have a 10 years career in NBA and then die at an age of 40. Unfortunately, he did have a 10 years long career in NBA and died at an age of 40 only
  • Air Jordan, one of the leading footwear brand made by Nike to honor Michael Jordan, was banned in NBA but Jordan kept on playing with the same as Nike did agree to pay the fine every match.
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the all-time leading NBA scorer, is now a leading historian and author after retiring from NBA.
  • It’s been stated in a survey that within the 5 years of their retirement from the NBA, almost 60 % of former NBA players go broke.

Best players in the history of NBA

Michael Jordan

NBA - Introduction, Records, Facts, Best Players,

You can’t really doubt the legacy of Michael Jordan and he is rightly been quoted as the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) in NBA in numerous surveys around. Being a phenomenal player with a celebrated career of more than a decade, he has won hearts of millions of Basketball fans around the world with his magic touch and unmatched skills in the court.

Lebron James

Lebron James

There is not much to argue about a player’s dominance when he has featured in 10 straight finals in the NBA championship and that is why Lebron has always been quoted as a complete package of NBA history by most of the basketball fans.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

If there’s one player who can be quoted as the “Unstoppable force” in NBA, it was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Not only he is the all-time leading scorer in the NBA history, but he has also created numerous other records which prove his brilliance as a player in the basketball arena.

NBA winners list by season

2018Golden State Warriors4-0 (sweep)Cleveland Cavaliers
2017Golden State Warriors4-1Cleveland Cavaliers
2016Cleveland Cavaliers4-3Golden State Warriors
2015Golden State Warriors4-2Cleveland Cavaliers
2014San Antonio Spurs4-1Miami Heat
2013Miami Heat4-3San Antonio Spurs
2012Miami Heat4-1Oklahoma City Thunder
2011Dallas Mavericks4-2Miami Heat
2010Los Angeles Lakers4-3Boston Celtics
2009Los Angeles Lakers4-1Orlando Magic
2008Boston Celtics4-2Los Angeles Lakers
2007San Antonio Spurs4-0 (sweep)Cleveland Cavaliers
2006Miami Heat4-2Dallas Mavericks
2005San Antonio Spurs4-3Detroit Pistons
2004Detroit Pistons4-1Los Angeles Lakers
2003San Antonio Spurs4-2New Jersey Nets
2002Los Angeles Lakers4-0 (sweep)New Jersey Nets
2001Los Angeles Lakers4-1Philadelphia 76ers
2000Los Angeles Lakers4-2Indiana Pacers
1999San Antonio Spurs4-1New York Knicks
1998Chicago Bulls4-2Utah Jazz
1997Chicago Bulls4-2Utah Jazz
1996Chicago Bulls4-2Seattle SuperSonics
1995Houston Rockets4-0 (sweep)Orlando Magic
1994Houston Rockets4-3New York Knicks
1993Chicago Bulls4-2Phoenix Suns
1992Chicago Bulls4-2Portland Trail Blazers
1991Chicago Bulls4-1Los Angeles Lakers
1990Detroit Pistons4-1Portland Trail Blazers
1989Detroit Pistons4-0 (sweep)Los Angeles Lakers
1988Los Angeles Lakers4-3Detroit Pistons
1987Los Angeles Lakers4-2Boston Celtics
1986Boston Celtics4-2Houston Rockets
1985Los Angeles Lakers4-2Boston Celtics
1984Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1983Philadelphia 76ers4-0 (sweep)Los Angeles Lakers
1982Los Angeles Lakers4-2Philadelphia 76ers
1981Boston Celtics4-2Houston Rockets
1980Los Angeles Lakers4-2Philadelphia 76ers
1979Seattle SuperSonics4-1Washington Bullets
1978Washington Bullets4-3Seattle SuperSonics
1977Portland Trail Blazers4-2Philadelphia 76ers
1976Boston Celtics4-2Phoenix Suns
1975Golden State Warriors4-0 (sweep)Washington Bullets
1974Boston Celtics4-3Milwaukee Bucks
1973New York Knicks4-1Los Angeles Lakers
1972Los Angeles Lakers4-1New York Knicks
1971Milwaukee Bucks4-0 (sweep)Baltimore Bullets
1970New York Knicks4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1969Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1968Boston Celtics4-2Los Angeles Lakers
1967Philadelphia 76ers4-2San Francisco Warriors
1966Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1965Boston Celtics4-1Los Angeles Lakers
1964Boston Celtics4-1San Francisco Warriors
1963Boston Celtics4-2Los Angeles Lakers
1962Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1961Boston Celtics4-1St. Louis Hawks
1960Boston Celtics4-3St. Louis Hawks
1959Boston Celtics4-0 (sweep)Minneapolis Lakers
1958St. Louis Hawks4-2Boston Celtics
1957Boston Celtics4-3St. Louis Hawks
1956Philadelphia Warriors4-1Fort Wayne Pistons
1955Syracuse Nationals4-3Fort Wayne Pistons
1954Minneapolis Lakers4-3Syracuse Nationals
1953Minneapolis Lakers4-1New York Knicks
1952Minneapolis Lakers4-3New York Knicks
1951Rochester Royals4-3New York Knicks
1950Minneapolis Lakers4-2Syracuse Nationals
1949Minneapolis Lakers4-2Washington Capitols
1948Baltimore Bullets4-2Philadelphia Warriors
1947Philadelphia Warriors4-1Chicago Stags

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