National Institute of Sports makes necessary changes for players preparing for the Tokyo Olympics

The National Institute of Sports (NIS) has made some serious changes in its working in order to take good care of the athletes that are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The National Institute of Sports (NIS) administration has not only made a big change in the diet of players preparing for the Olympics on campus but the diet is being prepared under the supervision of chefs and nutritionists. Earlier NIS employees (cooks) used to prepare diets in a customary manner.

It is to be noted that the changes were made following the advice of the Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju.kiren-rijiju-on-nsai

There are only two such institutes in the country- One in Patiala and the other in Gwalior. NIS has two messes. One mess is dedicated to the players who practice in the camp, while in the other, food is prepared for the students studying in the institute. In the mess adjacent to the Milkha Singh Hostel, food is prepared for about 200 to 250 players.

In the same mess, earlier only NIS employees used to prepare food. However, now a daily diet of players is being prepared under the supervision of an NIS official along with a chef, assistant chef, nutritionist, assistant nutritionist, so that the players can prepare well for the Olympics. In order to keep everything in check, the chefs and nutritionists have also demanded some new equipment.

nsi-paitaila.jpehIt is informed that from now on players will get fresh juice in the mess itself. In addition to this, it is also said that there will be no food deadline for any player. Players will be allowed to take a diet according to their game and body.

The NIS has also advised the players not to waste food. Messes have put in the diet chart to help players know which diet is suitable for them and which is not. Cleanliness is also being taken care of in the mess.

NIS Patiala Executive Director Colonel Raj Singh Bishnoi said that players are practicing in NIS for the Olympic preparations. Therefore, along with making changes in their diet, two chefs and two nutritionists have been appointed. Under their supervision, a better diet is being prepared and given to the players.