Nathan Lyon hits back at Kevin Pietersen’s ‘DISTASTEFUL’ comments about concussion substitutes

Nathan Lyon

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has been criticized for his comments during the second Ashes Test match at Lord’s, where he suggested that Australian spinner Nathan Lyon deliberately got hit on the head to be replaced by a concussion substitute.

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Pietersen made the comments during an angry rant on the first day of the Test match, calling for more aggressive reactions on himself. He suggested that if Lyon had been hit on the head and suffered a concussion, the visitors could have called someone like Todd Murphy as a replacement, who is a world-class spinner.

However, Lyon suffered a calf injury during the first innings and was ruled out of the Lord’s Test as far as his bowling was concerned. Responding to Pietersen’s comments, Lyon said that it was a conversation in poor taste and that he was against the idea of deliberately getting hit on the head to be replaced.

“I have heard comments that people thought I went out there to get hit in the head, and I’m really against that because I’ve lost one of my mates due to being hit in the head. So I think that’s a really poor excuse or conversation being had,” said Nathan Lyon.

Lyon also came out to bat while limping and scored four runs before Australia were bowled out for 279. The veteran spinner’s bravery was lauded by both the Australian and English teams and their fans.

Pietersen’s comments were criticized on social media by users who found them distasteful and obscene. It is worth noting that there was no evidence to support Pietersen’s theory, and he did not accuse the Australian team of any wrongdoing.

The use of concussion substitutes in cricket has become a topic of debate in recent years, with the International Cricket Council (ICC) introducing new rules allowing teams to replace a player who has been diagnosed with a concussion. However, there have been concerns that some teams may be exploiting this rule to gain a tactical advantage.

Lyon’s comments highlight the importance of player safety and the need to avoid suggestions that players are deliberately getting hit on the head to be replaced by a concussion substitute. It is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of players at all times.