My wife would kill me if I’m on tinder: Ishant Sharma

In the age of social media, it only takes a day or so to see a new trend getting started. The latest trendsetter is the legendary music singer and Hollywood personality Dolly Parton, who started a new trend of posting a four-photo mosaic of potential profile photos for social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

Parton inspired many fellow celebrities to do the same, with some hilarious results. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Naomi Campbell, Mark Ruffalo, and any superstars are following the trend and also posted their own versions.kohli-ishant-sharma-test-cricket

According to the trend set by Parton, the photos should be different ones for four social media sites. Therefore, a professional-looking photo for LinkedIn, a laid-back image for Facebook, a glammed-up shot for Instagram, while a seducing click for Tinder.

The trend has now also reached the cricketers, who have started to post the same including the Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma. However, he made the challenge hilarious with a twist.

The Indian fast bowler posted a photo in the Indian team’s blazer for his LinkedIn pic, an India team photo celebrating a wicket as his Facebook profile, him chilling at a vacation spot as his Instagram photo. But the twist came when he posted a picture with his wife Pratima Singh for tinder.ishant-sharma-s-wife-pratima-singh-vacation

Ishant also explained the reason behind it with a caption on the picture. He said his wife will kill if she sees him on Tinder.

“Had to keep up with the challenge, so here is my version Also, I am happily married to @pratima0808 & she would definitely kill me if I am on tinder #linkedin #facebook #instagram #tinder #dollyparton #dollypartonchallenge #dolly #parton,” he captioned the photo.

Meanwhile, the fast bowler is currently recovering from an ankle injury he suffered during the Ranji Trophy match between Delhi and Vidarbha. He is trying to recover in time to get picked for the two-match Test series in New Zealand. The fast bowler has been an integral part of the Indian Test side in the last few years.