The Unsung Story behind MS Dhoni Helicopter Shot

MS Dhoni Helicopter Shot

MS Dhoni Helicopter Shot

MS Dhoni Helicopter Shot: When MS Dhoni burst into the international scene, the quality that separated him apart from the rest cricketers was his unorthodox brutal batting display and raging helicopter shot. The cricketing world had never witnessed such a weird, but supremely effective low bottom hand shot in the past. The scintillating cover drive, perfectly dissected straight drive and wristy flick defined the sound technique of a batsman and suddenly out of the blue one small town boy appeared and tarnished the definition of classic batting.

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Elegance was replaced with firepower and grounded army shots with air force lofty shots. MS Dhoni became an overnight sensation for his helicopter shot for winning matches single-handedly with ease. No equipment could identify his batting flaws due to unique batting technique. Soon many cricketers tried to emulate the helicopter shot, but no one tasted success like him.

He was the inventor of helicopter shot in all senses playing it right from the gully cricket to international cricket, but it wasn’t him who invented the shot. The fans came to know the real truth only after the release of Dhoni biopic MS Dhoni- The untold story.

The real inventor of the helicopter shot was not MS Dhoni, it was his best friend Santosh Lal, who is said to have aided Dhoni in mastering the unusual shot. Santosh Lal was also an emerging cricketer from Jharkhand playing the first-class cricket from 2004-2008. The duo worked for the railways and was in awe of each other batting style.

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MS Dhoni Helicopter Shot: According to Nishant Dayal, a close friend of Santosh Lal “He and Dhoni would play tennis ball games endlessly. They both worked for Railways. Santosh was fearless as a batsman. Over the years, Dhoni may have patented the ‘helicopter shot’ but growing up, there was someone who was better at it. Dhoni always admired his batting style. And Santosh taught him to play the helicopter shot.”

Sadly Santosh Lal was diagnosed with pancreatitis due to heavy drinking and died in 2013 at a young age of 32.  Dhoni was always worried about his friend health condition and even send Air ambulance to transport Santosh from Ranchi to Delhi for better treatment. Unfortunately due to bad weather, the ambulance had to land in Varanasi until then it was too late for Santosh Lal.

He might not be among us, but his immortal helicopter will always be a stepping stone in developing innovative cum unorthodox batting in future.

MS Dhoni Helicopter Shots Video

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