MS Dhoni A Dangerous Name To Search On The Internet


If you are one of those people who like to search MS Dhoni’s name on the internet, be careful. You might be installing virus on your computer. McAfee, one of the leading antivirus brands in the world, has recently named some Indian athletes who are dangerous “searches” on the internet.

The dangerous “searches” don’t actually mean that the athletes involved are dangerous. It means that their names are used by the cybercriminals to get into the computers of the people.

Now, how do the cybercriminals get into the computers of the people through MS Dhoni’s name? The cybercriminals know that MS Dhoni has been one of the biggest match winners for India in the last decade or so.

He has played many innings for India which people would like to see again and again. And, they would search those innings on the internet. Also, they would want that content to be downloaded for free.

The cybercriminals name the dangerous files as “MS Dhoni’s fastest century” or “MS Dhoni’s man of the match performance” so that people would be prompted to download those files and just as they download them, it gives the cybercriminals an opportunity to invade the privacy of their computers.

The thing is that most of the sporting content in India was free a few years back, but now the streaming services in the country are on the rise which means the content is not free anymore. People have to pay money for the content.

And, everyone obviously doesn’t want to pay money for the content. So, they try and search if there is any free content available on the internet. This is what the cybercriminals thrive on.

They make the users believe that the content they are downloading is actually free content. So, people download that content without thinking too much and by doing so, they expose their computers to viruses.

McAfee has advised people not to look for such free content and also protect their computers with an anti-virus software.

Apart from MS Dhoni, the other Indian athletes whose names are there in the list of dangerous “searches” are Sachin Tendulkar, Harmanpreet Kaur and PV Sindhu.

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