Moto GP 2023: Everything you need to know about Top Players, Venues and Live Streaming in Detail

Moto GP 2023: Everything you need to know about Top Players, Venues and Live Streaming in Detail

 Countdown to the 13th Round of MotoGP:

As the calendar inches closer to September 22nd-24th, 2023, motorsport enthusiasts in India are eagerly awaiting the 13th round of the prestigious MotoGP championship. The stage is set at the iconic Buddha International Circuit, where some of the world’s top riders will battle it out on the track, promising a spectacle of speed and skill.

Marc Marquez’s Arrival and Track Insights:

The excitement is palpable as fans prepare to witness the return of the top-class rider, Marc Marquez, who arrived in India ahead of the event. Marquez, in a recent interview with various media outlets, shared his insights on the challenging circuit. He emphasized the significance of turns 4 and 5, highlighting their crucial role in the race. Marquez’s advice serves as a reminder to all riders to exercise extra caution as they navigate these critical sections of the track.

 Addressing Visa Delays: Grand Prix of India’s Response:

In a recent turn of events, visa issues delayed the arrival of some riders, including Marquez. The Grand Prix of India officials promptly acknowledged the situation and issued an apology to the affected riders. They assured everyone that they are diligently working to expedite the visa issuance process to ensure that every participant, from riders to technical officials, arrives on time for the event. “We regret the unforeseen delays in the visa issuance process. We are happy to announce that most of the visas have already been processed, with many more on the horizon,” stated the officials.

Safety Assurance from MotoGP Rider Inspector:

Ensuring the safety of riders is of paramount importance in motorsport. Loris Capirossi, the MotoGP Rider Inspector and safety advisor, provided a reassuring statement regarding the track’s safety. He affirmed that the circuit is safe for riders across all laps, instilling confidence in the participants. This affirmation not only underscores the professionalism of the event but also assures fans that safety remains a top priority.

In conclusion, as the anticipation for the 13th round of MotoGP at the Buddha International Circuit reaches its peak, the combination of top-class riders, track insights, and the resolution of visa delays adds an extra layer of excitement to this year’s event. With safety measures in place and the determination of the organizers to ensure a smooth experience for all, MotoGP Bharat promises to be a thrilling showcase of the racing sport in India.


 Live Streaming: All the matches will be telecasted on Sports 18 Tv channel and the same will be streamed on Jio Cinema.