Most Wickets in Test Cricket

Most Wickets in Test: Test cricket is one of the best formats of the game and also considered as the real format of the game. Test cricket is something which has to be watched with passion despite T20 being followed because of the fun factor involved in it. For someone who knows cricket very well, it is the test cricket which gives fun factor. This generation might have not witnessed some real taste of test cricket, but the past generation has clearly witnessed it. Test cricket has a separate fun factor and it is enjoyed by every audience when it is felt.  For the kids born in the 1980s and 1990s, the game called cricket was more exciting and cheerful as they have witnessed the era when bowlers dominated the game. They have also witnessed the best of matches in the test format in the history of the game. The beauty of the generation in the decade ago is that they enjoyed every format of cricket with an equal thrill, unlike today’s generation who enjoy only a particular format of the game. cricket is the best game if you ever want to watch a classic game.

Cricket has the most peculiar way of an audience that when something classic happens even the mass loving audience will go crazy and that is proven with the social media post of the fans. Yes, many will call it as a fool’s game as 11 fools play and 11000 fools are watching but it is the game with more class merged with the excitement factor. This generation has witnessed too many brilliant wickets from slower delivery and other variations in limited over the format that they do not have the luck to witness the real wickets comes from a classical delivery in test cricket. Picking up wickets in test cricket is different, it requires class, it requires patience, also the real aggression.  It takes almost four days to pick up twenty wickets and that is why test cricket is the best cricket in the history of the game. In today’s column let us discuss the bowlers with most test wickets.

Bowlers with Most Wickets in Test

Kapil Dev

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The world cup winning captain for India has been the finest all-rounder the Indian cricket has ever produced in the history of the game.  He was one of the dangerous batsmen and also a dangerous bowler in the test cricket. the versatile cricketer has a huge fan base even in this generation due to his records. He has picked up 434 wickets in test cricket which puts him in 7th spot in the overall wicket-takers list in the history of test cricket. The Pride of Haryana is a great human being and also the hero of the 1983 world cup were his catch to dismiss Richards was the biggest turning point and his capacity in the test cricket was next level which is the reason that he is still remembered as one of the all-time great.

James Anderson

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Clearly, one of the greatest all-time to have played cricket for England. What a bowler he is, he is an absolute treat to watch and his bowling is near to magic in the cricket field. We cannot count his tremendous spells, because, whenever he steps on to the field to play test cricket, he bowls too many threatening deliveries and he can be the biggest threat to the any good opposition in the world. he has picked up 501 wickets and is placed at 6th position and he is still going strong and can possibly finish on the fourth position in the all-time table of most wicket takers in the history of test cricket.

Courtney Walsh

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He is considered as the best of all time great of in the history of world cricket and also one of the greatest the West Indies cricket has produced it is believed the same by many cricket lovers and experts across the globe. The calmness and composure and along with aggression he has shown in his bowling and the stare he gives without any part of sledding and the ability to take on world’s best batsmen described his capacity to the cricket world and he has dominated all the best of batsmen on his day during his cricketing days. no matter, how many runs go or get leaked on other ends, he can guide the game for his team and win the game for the team.

He can bowl at any time at any situation and also, he bats like a beast mode injected player yet in a classic way which made him a nightmare for every bowler who bowls to him when he gets going. He is the bowler who is already getting described as one of the all-time best in the world at the playing days in the 1990s. Okay so let us come to his test wickets tally, he picked up 519 test wickets in his career and positioned 5th in the table of all-time leading wicket-takers in the history of test cricket. To make the wound worse for Opposite teams especially in test cricket, Walsh took on every batsmen came his way and he became the man who recorded the 519 wickets tally in test cricket history when he picked up every batsman came his way and registered some brutal off and leg cutters to send the batsmen back to the pavilion. That kind of performance will always remain an all-time achievement from him to the people of this generation.

If you ask the generation of 1990’s generation they will tell you that, the world has rarely seen a threatening bowler like Courtney Walsh since his debut. And when you watch his bowling in the games he plays, yes, they make sense. He is the leg spinner with a unique style and terrific deliveries and his old videos can be watched the repeated number of times and it will not get bored at any point of time.

Glenn McGrath

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Is there any other better way to prove the all-time greatness of the career of a fast bowler? When most of the great players will take their time to reach this peak, this man goes out of the game with a whopping 563 wickets in  the history of test match games and everything came in a perfect way as he is considered the all-time best Australian bowler he is not the Player just to have whopping 563 wickets alone in his career but also some magical balls which cheated almost every batsman in the world and he retired in the year of 2006 from test cricket after winning the Ashes 5-0 against England.  

He picked up a record-breaking 563 wickets when he picked those wickets in 124 test matches in his career., What makes this achievement special than all of the other bowlers who pick up wickets? in this table according to us. He was considered as a dangerous fast bowler in the world with pace and not as a dangerous swing bowler or anything related to cutters, his positive approach has only been positive for his country.  Now, why is this special? Because he smashed every batsman against all odds by swinging the ball and cutters was furious awakening the beast in him. This wicket never lacked class and brutality. He is one of the all-time great to have played cricket for Australia now and also one of the all-time great test bowlers.

But the end of his career is getting difficult as he is picking up Injuries regularly. and getting operated.  We can expect him in the 2019 world cup as a commentator and he was the bowler with a great force and fierce attitude as he is always with his bowling. If he gets his line and length right, it was always going to be difficult for the batsman to pick him up. He was not 150+ bowler, but a brilliant 135+ bowler who made it difficult for a batsman with his length.

Anil Kumble

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The mighty leg spinner from India has picked up 619 wickets in his career and he has taken lots of wickets in non-spin-friendly tracks which make him the all-time great spinner the Indian cricket has ever produced. He would have been a nightmare for every batsman if he got the chance to bowl in today’s turning tracks as it is turning more than it was turning during his period. He has also picked up lots of wickets in the Australian wickets as a spinner which not every spinner has done.

Shane Warne

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With 708 wickets to his tally, he is remaining as the second most wicket taker in the history of test cricket. he is not from the subcontinent, he mostly plays in the pace-friendly tracks yet he managed to pick up 708 wickets and that fact makes him the greatest legend of this table even though he is placed second. Despite the fact that he is second, he is considered as the best spinner ever in test cricket.

Muthiah Muralitharan

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Exactly 800 wickets to his tally, what a legend he was to have played cricket for Island Nation Sri Lanka. He took his 800th wicket in his farewell test match and his record is still unbeaten.

We are hoping to come back with more legendary contents about legendary players.

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