Mike Riley to talk about VAR review in the upcoming Premier League meeting

Mike Riley who currently serves as the general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited will present his season’s review of the video assistant referee system on Friday at a Premier League shareholders meeting.

He will talk about the key match incidents and will assess how technology was used in the first English season and what things can be done differently to improve the VAR system to a wider extent for the upcoming season.

FIFA took over direct responsibility of VAR as a lot of criticism was raised by several football players in the past with the way VAR functions during the match. They are working hard to ensure that VAR can display accurate results during the crunch situation in the match.

The questions related to VAR not giving correct results occurred mostly in Premier League where former referee Dermot Gallagher picked out key incidents in all the three matches played in one day where he said match officials got VAR wrong in all three matches.

As per the media report, the new season of the Premier League will start from 12th September, although four clubs who will be participating in this competition have been pushing for the delayed start due to lack of preparation time which will affect their performance during the match.

However, more clarity on VAR will be discussed in the annual general meeting in August and see what steps they will take to improve VAR for the upcoming season.

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