Manu Bhaker Leads in 25m Pistol Women’s Precision Qualification at Asian Games

Asian Games, Manu Bhaker

The 25m Pistol Women’s Team Qualification event at the Asian Games witnessed a dazzling display of precision from India’s shooting trio: Esha Singh, Manu Bhaker, and Rhythm Sangwan. Their performance not only captivated the audience but also propelled them to the top of the leaderboard, scoring a remarkable 876 points.

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Manu Bhaker

Manu Bhaker showcased her prowess in the 25m Pistol Women’s Team Qualification with an awe-inspiring performance. Bhaker’s precision and consistency earned her the top spot in the individual rankings, securing a commanding 294 points. This phenomenal feat was achieved in the precision round.

In the precision event, Bhaker maintained an average score of 9.800. Her scores in the three rounds were equally impressive, with 99, 97, and 98. These scores not only surpassed her competitors but also set a benchmark for excellence in the sport.

Esha Singh

Esha Singh, another talented Indian shooter, displayed exceptional skill and determination in the 25m Pistol Women’s Team Qualification. Her performance in the precision round earned her a commendable third position, amassing 292 points.

During the precision event, Esha averaged an impressive 9.733. Her scores of 96, 98, and 98 highlighted her exceptional marksmanship and contributed significantly to India’s dominant position.

Rhythm Sangwan

Rhythm Sangwan, the third member of the Indian trio, played a crucial role in the team’s success. Although she finished 11th in the individual rankings with 290 points, her contribution cannot be underestimated. Sangwan’s consistent performance provided vital support to her teammates, contributing to the team’s overall score of 876 points.

The combined score of 876 points secured by Bhaker, Singh, and Sangwan propelled India to the top of the team event leaderboard. China, their closest competitor, trailed closely with 874 points, highlighting the intensity of the competition.

What Lies Ahead For Manu Bhaker and Esha Singh

The journey for Manu Bhaker and Esha Singh does not end with their remarkable performance in the precision round. These exceptional athletes are set to compete in the rapid round, an event that promises even more excitement and opportunities to showcase their shooting prowess.

In the world of competitive shooting, India showed their dominance in the 25m Pistol Women’s Team Qualification event at the Asian Games. Manu Bhaker, Esha Singh, and Rhythm Sangwan’s stellar performance, both individually and as a team, has left an indelible mark on the sport of shooting. As they prepare for the rapid round, the world watches in awe, anticipating more remarkable feats from these extraordinary athletes.