Events of Asian Games in which Indians have performed exceptionally well

Asian Games

Although the Indian players have won Asian Games medals in 32 different sport categories, there are a few sports that are completely dominated by the Indians, as they have won the maximum number of medals in those sports only. These sports include Athletics, Kabaddi, and Field Hockey.

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Indian athletes have excelled in a variety of track and field events, winning gold in disciplines such as sprinting, long jump, discus throw, and others.

India has won a total of 254 medals at the Asian Games in Athletics. These medals include 79 Gold medals, 88 Silver medals, and 87 Bronze medals. The Indian team has an overall rank of 3 in the athletics category among various other countries.

The successful journey of Athletics began with the legend Milkha Singh, was carried on by P.T. Usha and Anju Bobby George, and is currently being dominated by athletes such as Neeraj Chopra and Dutee Chand. Indian athletes have consistently improved and competed in track and field sports at the Games, and they continue to aspire for greater success in future editions.


India has a long history of success in Kabaddi at the Asian Games. Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport that has been heavily dominated by Indian teams at the Asian Games. India’s Men’s Kabaddi team has won gold medals in practically every Asian Games when Kabaddi has been included.

Since the inclusion of Women’s Kabaddi in the Asian Games, India’s Women’s Kabaddi team has continuously won gold medals. India has a total of 11 medals in Kabaddi, out of which 9 are gold, one is silver, and one is bronze.

Field Hockey

India has a long and illustrious history in Asian Games field hockey. The Indian men’s hockey team has been one of the most powerful teams in Asian Games history, earning great success throughout the years.

India’s success in field hockey at the Asian Games has helped to cement the country’s position as a hockey powerhouse in the region. India has an overall ranking of 3 among the other Asian countries in Field Hockey, winning a total of 21 medals.