Manpreet Kaur Biography: Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, Facts & Networth

Manpreet Kaur

Meet the powerhouse, Manpreet Kaur, born on July 6, of the year 1990, hailing from Ambala, India, and a true force in Olympic shot put. Her golden moment came in 2017 at the Asian Grand Prix in Jinhua, China, where she unleashed a record-breaking throw of 18.86 meters.

This colossal performance not only earned her a gold medal but also catapulted her to the number one spot in world rankings. Manpreet shares the Indian national record for Women’s Shot Put, a remarkable 18.06 meters, alongside Abha Khatua.

Her prowess even led her to represent India at the prestigious 2016 Rio Olympics in the shot put, showcasing her as a true symbol of strength and excellence.

Early life

Manpreet Kaur’s journey to athletic stardom is nothing short of inspiring. As the eldest among three siblings, her life took a challenging turn at the tender age of 13 when her father passed away. Then, in 2006, her mother faced debilitating paralysis, adding to the family’s hardships.

Yet, amidst these trials, Manpreet’s love for sports ignited. Influenced by her father and athletic cousins, who were sprinters and discus throwers, she developed a passion for athletics. In fact, her sister-in-law was a shot putter, further fueling her interest.

Initially, she dipped her toes into the world of track and field with a year of 100m sprint training. However, it was her brother who recognized her immense potential in the shot put, and she made the switch.

Hailing from Sahauli village in Patiala, Manpreet Kaur is a true symbol of resilience and determination. Today, she not only excels in the shot put but also works with the Indian Railways, embodying the spirit of a relentless athlete who has overcome life’s hurdles with grace and strength.

Personal Life

Manpreet Kaur is married to her trainer and fellow university shot putter, Karamjeet Singh. The shot put couple have a daughter.

Shot Put Career

Manpreet Kaur’s journey in athletics took her to the grand stage of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, where she stood as the sole Indian woman representing her field. Her path to glory continued as she dominated the Asian Grand Prix Athletics Meet’s first leg, achieving a breathtaking national record and leading the world in the season’s rankings.

With an awe-inspiring throw of 18.86 meters, she not only clinched gold but also secured her ticket to the prestigious IAAF World Championships in London. The entry standard for women’s shot put in the World Championships set at 17.75 meters, was surpassed with ease by Manpreet’s extraordinary performance.

Her golden journey didn’t stop there. In July 2017, she added another shimmering accolade to her collection by winning the gold medal at the Asian Athletics Championship in Odisha. However, her path took a painful turn when she faced four positive steroid tests that same year.

Consequently, she began serving a four-year suspension from July 20, 2017, a period that required her to relinquish her hard-earned gold medals and national record. Manpreet’s story is one of soaring triumphs and challenging setbacks, demonstrating the highs and lows that often accompany a career in professional sports.

Bio Data

Full name: Manpreet Kaur

Date of Birth: 6 July 1990

Age: 33 Years

Place of Birth: Sahauli, Patiala, Punjab, India

Gender: Female

Spouse: Karamjit Singh

Children: 1 Daughter

Country: India

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Athlete

Sport: Shot Put

Event(s): Athletics

Coached by: Karamjit Singh