Manika Batra-Personal Information & Career Achievements

Manika Batra has quickly become the most famous table tennis player in the entirety of India, and the reason for this is simply the enormous talent she has for the sport. In a very short period of time, she has managed to pave her way to table tennis stardom in a way quite unlike any other, as the skill and energy she displays for the sport is unmatched by another player in India.

Using the shake hand grip style, this player has risen to the very top of the charts in India, slowly and systematically defeating opponents until she rose to the very top of the table tennis field in India, and is now ranked at the very top of the table tennis sport in India. According to the latest ranking, which was decided in January 2019, Manika Batra ranks 51st in the entire world, a statement by which one can understand that she really is best in the entire world.

Being the absolute best table tennis player in India, she is the one who is selected to represent India at most of the foreign table tennis tournaments. Over time, Batra has excelled at most of the tournaments, with a particularly fine example of her playing prowess being the 2016 South Asian Games, where she won three gold medals. A player of undeniable skill and prowess, she has represented India at the Olympics, but due to bad luck, washed out pretty quickly.

Manika Batra became one of the most well-known players in Asia when she defeated the Singapore team in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This is the first time for the entire nation, as the Singapore nation has never lost a single match since 2002 when table tennis as a sport was inducted into the Commonwealth Games curriculum. The 2018 Commonwealth Games was one of the very best tournaments for Batra, as she won no less than 4 medals in the tournament, one for every single event she was participating in. Two of these were gold, one silver, and the other bronze.

Personal Information Of Manika Batra 

Manika Batra was born on 15th June 1995, in Delhi, India, the very capital city of India. Being born in one of the most modernized cities in the entirety of India allowed her to get all the coaching and training she needed.

She uses the Shakehand grip playing style, and she has become one of the very best users of this style in the entire world.

Manika Batra stands a tall woman at 6 feet, 1 inch, a height that is considered tall for an Indian woman and weighs in at 66 kilograms.

Her family was one of her biggest inspirations to go into table tennis professionally, as her elder siblings helped her to learn the very sport of table tennis. She really came into her own as a junior player when she won a tournament for under 8 kids and enlisted to be taught under the expert guidance of coach Sandeep Gupta. Being one of the very best coaches in India, he suggested that she train at Hans Raj Model School, which was the location for Sandeep’s very own table tennis academy.

Famous Tournaments Participated in

2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games: Batra participated in this tournament back in 2014, and she went as the representative of India. Being one of the very best in India, she kept true to her skill and showed her very best at the tournament, and defeated quite a lot of opponents, including some of the very best at the tournament. Due to her immense skill, she finished quarter-finalist in the game.

2015 Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships: This is another fine example of the skill and prowess that Batra displays while playing. Being the very best player in India, she outperformed most of her opponents in the tournament and went on to win a total of three medals for her country, which were a silver medal in both the women’s team and women’s singles event and a bronze medal in the women’s singles event.

2016 Summer Olympics: Again, she displayed her skill in table tennis when she qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Although she played really good in the qualifying tournament, she washed out pretty fast in the actual Olympics, a point of sorrow for the table tennis fans of India.

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