Man City likely to observe evacuation of players post Champions League ban

Manchester City has been warned of the exit of many primary players if their ban gets validated after appeal.

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Manchester City had received a severe setback last week. As the club got banned for two years for breaching FFP regulations. Following the ban, both boss Pep Guardiola and the club’s fans will most likely be observing many of their prime players to take an exit from the club, with ace players including Kevin De Bruyne likely to leave.

According to former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas, the club could see numerous talented players take an exit from the club in the chase of the champion’s league trophy.

“If it’s a year, I can see someone like Raheem Sterling saying ‘I’ll stick it out. It’s a year, I’m 25 years old’,” Jenas told BT Sport. “But, if it’s De Bruyne, who’s 28, and there are a few others, I think [the fans] are going to have to accept that they’re going to lose a few.”

Etihad’s highly senior players include Fernandinho, Sergio Aguero and Nicolas Otamendi. However, players around the same age group include De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan, Riyad Mahrez, and Kyle Walker. If Pep would want to still remain in the power he must sign a new contract, claims Jenas.

There were rumors anyways making rounds that Guardiola will be evaluating his future at the end of the season. The decision would depend on the result of the City’s appeal to the court of Arbitration for Sport.

“To steady the ship, the first thing that needs to happen is they need to hear from Pep,” he said.

“That tells me, as a player, that he’s staying put. That way, ‘I can get my head around this. It might just be one year, but we’re going to be going in the right direction. We’ve got the best manager in the world to get me going toward the title that we want’.

Man City, however, has a plan to counterfeit UEFA’s decision, as the club was expecting the ban decision.  The club held responsible for UEFA of having a flawed investigation process, which included a number of leaks to the media.

The club will remain in this season’s competition though and will be competing Real Madrid in the Round of 16.