ICC announces the List of Umpires for World Cup 2019

2019 World Cup Umpires

2019 World Cup Umpires: So, it is 2019, and cricket fans are gearing up for the mega event which is the most important world cup in England. There are so many predictions and opinions from fans and experts of discussion in who is going to play final and who is going to win the world cup. Most of the experts predict an India vs England final, some predict an England win, some predicts an Indian win. Some come out of the box to predict west indies might shock the world by lifting their third trophy after 43 years.

2019 World Cup Umpires

World cup 2019 is here and the most prestigious event set to begin on May 30th in the land of British. Every team is coming out with their best squads in a dream to win the world cup. What makes this world cup unique? It is the 10- team factor which makes all teams dream for the trophy. This format gives every team an extra chance to try again and win the world cup. Usually, if a team loses one or two games in the group stage, they get eliminated in the very first round, this time around each team will play 9 games in the group stage which make steam little more comfortable.

But beyond every player, there are crucial human beings out there in the middle, more than the decision of their captain, their right decisions can give world cup a right winner, who are they? Yes, you guessed it right, it is the umpires who are going to take all key decisions and going to steal all the key moments in the world cup. It is the most important department in a prestigious tournament like the world cup. Because the decision made by them will be the decider of the world cup results. If it is right, it is perfectly all right, if it is not right, it will decide the cruel fate of any team. so, in today’s column, let us see about the umpires who will be umpiring in the world cup.

#1 Aleem Dar

The calm headed umpire with great composure and patience in any situations. In the games played in the conditions like England, he will be able to make some crucial decision at the right time in a right way and that is why he is one of the best umpires in the world right now. If you look at his records, he is an automatic choice in an official panel for the world cup 2019.

Aleem Dar

Accuracy makes the umpire best in the world, there are too many best umpires in the world, Aleem Dar is one of them. His biggest strength is his calmness and his accuracy in noting down LBW and that makes him the man for all the crucial matches. We are sure that he will be standing as an umpire for one semi-final and also in the final.

#2 Kumar Dharamsena

He might have recently missed a few moments in the game, but if you look at his overall record, we need such kind of umpires in the event like world cup without any second doubt. He is the umpire with utmost eye power and his accuracy in giving wide is going to help in the quality of the world cup match.

Kumar Dharamsena

As said in the above heading, accuracy is obviously making umpire a big star. He might be the curse factor for some countries due to this accuracy because the nation’s dream will be ended with his right decision, but for another nation, it going to be the glory. He is also a calm and composed umpire whom you can trust in any decision.

#3 Marais Erasmus

One of the best who you cannot avoid for the global event and yes, once again, accuracy will be the factor in his advantage. What makes him the best is his excellent ability to calm aggressive players and he is somebody we need in the world cup 2019 when player go overboard with aggression, he is the nicest man to calm the player with his gentle character. Surely, an automatic choice into the world cup 2019.

Marais Erasmus

He is one that umpires whom you can trust completely before going for a DRS review. Now, when it comes to his role in a big match, yes, every world cup game is a big game and he will able to handle the pressure. Maybe, the semifinal and final will have some extra pressure as it is the games which teams actually come for, but it does not mean that league game will not be handling any pressure, every world cup game will decide the winner and that’s is why we say even league games handle huge pressure.

#4 Ian Gould

Another giant umpire inexperience and he is one of the top contenders to be umpiring in the world cup final at Lords. his experience speaks for him and he hardly goes wrong in any game and he will be the umpire in demand in the world cup. Every team will love to have him in the games they play as they can have some DRS review for later.

Ian Gould

His experience brings accuracy, his accuracy brings perfection. Who can forget his LBW decisions which are correctly judged even though it is just clipping the stumps? His ears hear even the faint edge when players appeal for caught behind by keeper and there is hardly a wrong decision from him.

#5 Chris Gaffaney

One more umpire to look out for at the world cup 2019. He is technically genius and his part will be crucial in the world cup. His presence will be another key factor in match official team and he will be umpiring for some crucial matches in the league.

Chris Gaffaney

Umpiring in the world cup is the greatest pride and his decisions will be crucial in some games which especially involves India and England. When an umpire becomes perfect, the entire sport becomes perfect. We hope he will be highly perfect to give the highly fair results in the game.

#6 Richard

One umpire who is must into the world cup 2019 as his recent records are really impressive and he will be able to go into the match in the initial stages. He will be also the man to umpire in the big games and competition among umpires in this world cup will be proving healthy.


He is one of the umpires you can trust on and he is the most important umpire in the semi-final and final. But is up ICC to decide on the umpires.

#7 Richard Kettleborough

One of the most experienced umpires these days and he will be monitoring main matches in the league and ICC will have to decide on the other games after the end of the league games. If he performs to his potential, he will be umpiring in special games like a semi-final and final. Richard Kettleborough is the one of who 2019 World Cup Umpires.

Richard Kettleborough

#8 Nigel Llong

One process ICC was clear in selecting umpires was that they should have enough experience in the kitty going into the mega event. He is one of those experienced umpires who have match awareness and also off-field awareness. Umpiring was it its best from him during the India VS Australia series in India last year. He notes down everything happening in the game from the dugout to match on the field.

Nigel Llong

#9 Bruce Oxenford

He is one umpire who will be umpiring in league games and his contribution will be the big factor in this world cup. If he is able to do his work in the right manner and then he will be giving this world cup a big boost. Till now, we were talking about big teams, but when ordinary teams play, it is more important to have the world cup by their side.

Bruce Oxenford 2019 World Cup Umpires

#10 Sundaram Ravi

He has got a big breakthrough in his umpiring career as he is selected to stand in ever prestigious ICC cricket world cup. He will surely be standing in enough games in the league stage, if he impresses, as usual, he can also be part of the big games further. Sundaram Ravi is the only Indian Umpire in 2019 World Cup

Sundaram Ravi 2019 World Cup Umpires

#11 Rod Tucker

We are coming back to experience with this and yes, he is that one for the best umpires in the tournament and world cup is going to be lightened completely with all these umpires in the kitty. We are expecting a brilliant umpiring from Rod Tucker as usual.

Rod Tucker 2019 World Cup Umpires

#12 Joel Wilson

A young talent coming into the world cup panel and what a moment to be cherished. If he is able to cherish everything that’s happening and if he is going to do well, he is going to be the next big thing in umpiring field. Joel Wilson is the one of who 2019 World Cup Umpires.

Joel Wilson 2019 World Cup Umpires

#13 Paul Wilson

One more young talent has been selected by ICC to this world cup and he will be the man to stand in some few games in the start. What a cup to the umpire as the entire world will remember the fact that he has stood in the world cup. That is why the world cup becomes special always. Paul Wilson is the one of who 2019 World Cup Umpires.

Paul Wilson 2019 World Cup Umpires

Conclusion: Yes, finally the world cup is coming and we wish all the umpires a good time in the middle when players with dreams battling it out.

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