Lionel Messi- The pied piper of Football

lionel messi

An Early Touch

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer from Argentina. He was born on 24th June 1987 to Jorge Messi, who was a steel factory manager. He was always passionate about sports and used to play with his cousins. At the early age, he developed the spirit of football and joined the local club at the age of four. At the age of six, he was the member of Rosario Club. He was the finest player of the team at that time and won over 20 matches for the club.

Looking at his great performance every day, Messi’s relative tried to arrange for a trial in Barcelona. After great disputes and hesitations from the committee members, he was finally selected for the Royal Spanish Football Federation in 2002. During his teenage, he was the member of Baby Dream Team, which was Barcelona’s greatest youth team. From deep tunnels and hurdles, he had somehow managed to play for his country Argentina today. Despite being untimely demise of his father, he didn’t himself lose hope in his game. He is an extraordinary and talented player that people call him a ‘Magician’.

 Growth of a Magician

Messi was known as the best in club rankings during 2003. His early progress was fascinating everyone. In a single campaign, he debuted for five teams. After the club, he was promoted to Juveniles A, where he performed extraordinarily. He was the only one to score 18 goals in 12 league matches. He was the marking the list of fans following day by day. On November 2003, he made his team debut against Jose’ Mourinho’s Porto.

He formed a training session for Barcelona B and used to train himself daily for the best. When he was 16, his coach said to him that, ‘One day you will play for this country’. In 2004, he also made his debut in Barcelona B with the best footballers ever. At the age of 17, he was the youngest player to represent Barcelona in any league match. On May 1, 2005, he scored his first goal as a senior against Albacete.

On his 18th birthday, he also signed a contract to represent himself as a senior player. He was the now an official and recognized the player in Barcelona. He wears the T-shirt numbered 19 and till the age of 19, he had played over 100 football matches.

Fascinating Success so Early

lionel messi

Messi is also the member of Spain so he was allowed to play for both the countries. Messi declined for Spain Football Federation because he always wanted to play for La Albiceleste. For finalizing the team for FIFA world cup, the Argentina Football Association organized matches against Uruguay and Paraguay. On 29th June, he finally made his debut against Paraguay for his country. Messi also hired a personal trainer at that time to keep the focus on his muscles and fatigue.

In the FIFA Youth Championship 2005, he stood resolutely and prevented his team from getting knocked down. Also, he was awarded the Golden Ball as the best player. He also finished the tournament as the best scorer with lovely 6 goals. In the World Cup 2006, though Messi had some bad responses and reflexes from the team he managed to play his natural game. He was the youngest player to represent his country in FIFA World Cup 2006. Argentina was also the winner of Summer Olympics 2008 where Messi performed very well.

Messi was a determined player from childhood and his deep love for football made him a superstar today. Soon, he served as the captain of Argentina.

An Inspirational Player

lionel messi

No matter how much a person had gone through, it all depends on what they are today. Messi has set such an Inspirational story for all us and one can never forget his determination, hope, courage, passion for football. He is currently an idol for many and serves as one of the best football players in the world. It took him just 12 years to reach from Club matches to FIFA World Cup.

He had also remained as the highest paid football for 6 years. His achievements and talent soon made him the brand ambassadors of Adidas and Nike. He also has a Guinness World record of scoring the highest number of goals in the calendar year 2012. He is now an all-time favorite player with the highest number of awards and recognition in his name.

Throughout his career, he never thought of leaving football. All we needed was consistency, determination, and patience. His all-time best performance still awaits people to watch him from all around the world. He loves to play for his country and gives his best in every match. Lionel Messi is an epitome of perfection. His work towards his country will be remembered and written in golden words. Really, he is a ‘Magician’.

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