How Real Kabaddi League will be remembered in years to come?


Real Kabaddi League has given a new perspective to the game of Kabaddi as it perfectly amalgamated Entertainment and Sports where the celebrities were invited throughout marquee event.

Players were provided a platform to showcase their skills and some of them gave their best shot the question arises how Real Kabaddi League will be remembered in years to come?

The answer is simple it will be remembered as the league which provided opportunities to grassroot talent and gave them the confidence to perform at the highest level.

Real Kabaddi League gave new wings to all the budding players that they just need to go all guns blazing and perform their best against their opponent.

The credit should be given where it is due to Shubham Choudhary(Founder and CEO of Real Kabaddi League) and Atlanture Sports along with different sponsor who played a vital role in promoting this league.

We hope that more such leagues like this can emerge in future and provide platform to budding players at the domestic level.

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