Why Entertainment quotient and celebrity engagement is important in leagues like RKL to flourish?


Real Kabaddi League was conducted successfully in Jaipur Rajasthan from September 21st to September 30th 2022 where distinct celebrities including the likes of Ranvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia, Sangram Singh and others were invited to grace this prestigious event.

The message was clear that audience come for any sporting event to chill and enjoy and when the concept of sports and entertainment comes to fore it captivate the mind and hearts of fans.

The concept of RKL was top notch as it involved high quality matches, pressure games and solid tactics along with involving celebrities to perform throughout the duration of tournament was a top notch move.

Real Kabaddi League has added perfect flavour of entertainment and sports under one roof and simultaneously ensured that fans get an opportunity to witness quality matches on the match day.

We should credit RKL for coming up with novel concept like these and we hope that more such leagues in future adopts this concept and take sport of Kabaddi to next level.

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