5 Reasons which make Kuldeep Yadav a Perfect Future Star for Indian Cricket

5 Reasons which make Kuldeep yadav a perfect Future Star for Indian Cricket

5 Reasons which make Kuldeep yadav a perfect Future Star for Indian Cricket

Post the Kumble – Harbhajan Era, Indian cricket really found it hard to find a perfect replacement on board and even though Ashwin and Jadeja have filled up the void till a great extent, there was something which was always missing in the performance within the limited over’s cricket. Kuldeep Yadav, the left arm, China men bowler who hails from the territories of Uttar Pradesh, has finally given all the Indian cricket fans some big reason to smile about in the spin department with his impeccable performance across all the three formats.

Many have spotted his talent when he took that hat trick in the 2014 U19 world cup but no one would have thought that he would come up this big for his country over all these years. Whilst delivering some unbelievable performances on the recent tours of England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, he has certainly made us all believe in that good old “ Spin web” on even the most “non-supportive” pitches around the globe. With that said, let’s take a look at 5 reasons which makes him a perfect future star for the team India.

#1 Ability to Deliver in Even in the Most Alienated Conditions

Kuldeep Yadav

There aren’t many spinners around the world right now who carries the ability to turn the ball even in the oddest conditions, but Kuldeep Yadav is that one man who has not only extracted great turn in even the greenest of tracks but archived some record performances in the whole process. Kuldeep Yadav debuted against the Australian team in the fourth and final test match at Dharamsala in 2017 and this was the same match where he came on as a replacement for the lanky pacer Ishant Sharma.

The pitch was always been known to assist the pace bowlers till now and this was the reason the Aussie pair of Smith and Warner were going great guns whilst finding familiar conditions for their batting performances. This was when Kuldeep Yadav walked in and despite all the odds, he rattled the Aussie team with his splendid figures of 4 for 68. Once again he was been tested against the South African team at their own backyard and even this time around, he finished up with 17 wickets in 6 ODIs with the Indian team. Still it was his 6 for 25 against the English team in Nottingham in 2018 which made him grab all the headlines in the cricket fraternity.

#2 Being the Main Strike Bowler for the Indian Team at an Early Age

Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav is just 24 and he has simply achieved a list of record under his name at such an early age. Moreover, his “larger than life” approach towards his cricket has certainly made him the “go to” bowler for the Indian team across all the formats. On the other side, he has proved his prowess whilst being one of the main strike bowlers for the Indian team along with Jasprit bumrah.

If we talk about his stats in the ODI cricket, he has scalped 87 wickets in the 44 matches he has played till now for the Indian team and whilst his test career is still 6 matches old, he has also grabbed 24 wickets till now in the whole process. Moreover, this splendid bowler has also taken 35 wickets in the T20 format in the 18 matches he has played until now in the national colors.

#3 Something Special about his “Mysterious” China Men Deliveries

Kuldeep Yadav China man

Although Kuldeep Yadav isn’t the first left arm china men bowler in the history of the world cricket, he has created a big ruckus amongst the opponent batsman with his mysterious spin bowling all around. From the stock ball to the “other one”, he has got almost every weapon in his armory to rattle down the batsman upfront with his unmatchable left-arm spin bowling.

Kuldeep Yadav carries one of the most unmatched skills coming along with his contemporary actions whilst delivering those China men deliveries from his arm and that is something which makes him special players amongst all the spinners around the world. Although there have been times when even he got some bashing by the opponent batsman, he has mostly dominated those battles in most of the matches that he played during the process. Still this brilliant bowler has proved his mettle against most of the big teams even at their own backyards ever since he started with his International career.

#4 His Accuracy Along with Consistency in Line and Length

Kuldeep Yadav line and length

It’s not that easy for a chainmen bowler to control the line and length of the ball almost every time and keep going with that for a number of matches forward. This has been seen with the past history of China men bowlers like Brad Hogg and Michael Bevan and that is the main reason those players have mostly been in and out of the team due to their inconsistency.

Well this is not something which is usual with the bowling of Kuldeep Yadav as he not only carried the exceptional ability to spin the ball both ways but also coming up with a new variation in his bowling every now and then. There have been numerous times when the batsman have been unable to pick him up from the hand and this is where his specialization with his china men bowling makes him something special in the world of cricket right now. It’s still a long way to go for him in the International cricket but his initial signs can be said as more than promising for a left arm spin bowler.

#5 His Special Abilities with his Wrist Spin

Kuldeep Yadav wrist Spin

Kuldeep Yadav is not just another spin bowler and that is something which has made his catch all the attention in the world of cricket right now. Moreover, if we have a look into his spin bowling abilities along with his action, we can analyze that the way he releases the ball for his stock deliveries and the “doosra” is simply unmatchable and carries all the accuracy in the process.

Moreover, there is one more thin kg which makes him special amongst the current breed of left-arm spinners and that is his “abilities to read the batsman’s mind” in due course of his bowling. It was one of the matches in Sydney during the Australian tour where he was been hit for a six by Glenn Maxwell and whilst Maxwell was expecting a whole different delivery in the next go, Kuldeep Yadav simply bowled a “wrong one” without bringing much change into his action and wrist. Maxwell got castled and the looks on his face was itself expressing his “shock” of not having a clue of what just happened.

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