Klopp Warns Liverpool About The “Hardest” Period Ahead

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool have had a near perfect start to the Premier League 2019-20 as they have dropped points in just one game so far.

If somebody had said to Jurgen Klopp at the start of the season that Liverpool would be at the top of the table with 25 points after 9 games, he would have taken it with both hands, but does this start mean Liverpool have secured the league title already? The Reds’ boss doesn’t think so.

Klopp doesn’t want his boys to get too far ahead of themselves and start thinking about the title. According to Klopp, the only thing that Liverpool have done so far is they have built a solid ground to push for the title.

But, they are going to get tested along the way as they have some really tough games lined up.

Klopp reckons if Liverpool have to win the league, the luck would also have to go their way because the title is not guaranteed at any stage.

“We need to be lucky in some moments, we don’t have an influence on everything, but what we can influence is a specific performance in a specific game. That’s what we try to do. We have to fight for it. There are no guarantees.” Klopp was quoted saying by SBNATION.

Liverpool have been in the title winning positions a couple of times in the last 5 years, but have fallen short by small margins. That’s the luck Klopp is talking about.

Liverpool are facing Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City in the next 3 weeks and the results of those two games will determine which way Liverpool’s campaign is headed.

Tottenham and City are the two teams which had started the season as the favorites along with Liverpool, but they haven’t quite hit their straps yet.

While City have suffered two defeats, the Spurs are nowhere near where they would have liked to be. They have just 12 points in 9 games at this stage.


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