Just One Day After Significant Buffs, Tryndamere Emerges as the Top Champion in League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 13.17 came out recently, and it’s causing some big changes in the game’s strategy. Tryndamere, a champion in the game, has become really strong after some significant improvements.

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In this patch, Tryndamere got a boost to his attack range and base attack damage. This means he can now fight better against other champions early in the game. As a result, he’s winning more matches.

Surprisingly, Tryndamere is doing really well when played in the mid lane, a position he hasn’t been known for in the past. His win rate in this role is the highest among all champions in the mid lane at all skill levels. He’s also doing well in the top lane, although not as impressively.

However, these changes might be too powerful, and we expect Tryndamere’s win rate to drop a bit as players adapt. It’s rare for any champion to maintain such a high win rate in all levels of play. Some other champions are doing even better in higher skill levels.

The new patch is live on all servers, and we can expect more balance changes in the next patch, Patch 13.18. Tryndamere might be one of the champions that gets some nerfs in the future to make him less powerful.

In the world of League of Legends, Patch 13.17 has brought about a significant shake-up in the game’s dynamics. Tryndamere, a champion known for his aggressive playstyle, has emerged as a formidable force following substantial buffs.

These buffs have transformed Tryndamere into a fearsome duelist. His increased attack range allows him to outmaneuver many melee champions and even pose a threat to ranged mages. Consequently, his win rate has surged.

Remarkably, Tryndamere’s newfound strength is most evident in the mid lane, a role he previously only dabbled in. He boasts an impressive 56.02 percent win rate in this position, surpassing all other mid lane champions across different skill levels. While his win rate in the top lane isn’t as high, it still outperforms most champions in that role.

However, it’s important to note that such extreme changes rarely persist, and Tryndamere’s win rate is likely to gradually decrease. Typically, no champion maintains a win rate in the high 50s across all ranks. Additionally, at higher skill levels, some other champions are currently outperforming him.

Patch 13.17 is currently live on all servers, and players can anticipate further balance adjustments in Patch 13.18. It’s probable that Tryndamere will be a strong candidate for nerfs in the upcoming patch, given his current dominance in the game.