Jurgen Klopp Not Thinking About Manchester City Game Just Yet

Liverpool have a huge Premier League game lined up this weekend against their title rivals Manchester City. While the whole fan-base of the club is anticipating the high-profile fixture, the manager Jurgen Klopp isn’t thinking about it just yet.

Before the City game, Liverpool are first going up against Genk in the UEFA Champions League. However, because of the huge difference in the quality of the two teams, the Reds are the firm favourites to win that game.

The away leg that Liverpool had played Genk in the Champions League this season, they had won 4-1 and now the chances are even more in their favour as they face the Belgian side at home.

Unless and until Genk pull off a miraculous performance, they don’t seem to be a competition for the reigning champions.

But, Klopp doesn’t want to get too ahead of himself and start thinking about City rather than the next challenge he has on his hand.

According to the Liverpool boss, when his team took on Villa last weekend, he was thinking about Villa only and the way it unfolded, the Villa game turned out to be pretty close even though people were not considering Villa a tough opponent.

Klopp insists no team can be taken lightly at this level and as a manager, you need to go one game at a time. So till the time the game against Genk is not over and done with, he is not letting his thoughts shift to Manchester City.

“I never thought for a second about the Man City game and the Aston Villa game together, I was never thinking ‘we should win there because maybe we could lose next week’.” Klopp told the reporters in the press conference ahead of the game against Genk.

“I didn’t even ask about other Premier League results after our game. It’s not important. We play Genk and then we play Man City.” Klopp concluded.


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